Wonderfully Made {A Tea Party}

It started as an idea for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. A tea party. Tea for Two. So clever, I thought. As I started planning this special day for my little girl, however,  I realized I wanted it to be more than just a cleverly themed birthday party. I wanted my daughter and her friends to grow up with tea parties and all that these lovely events represent. Last year, Charlee and a few of her little friends joined her for tea in our backyard. (You can read all about that adventure here.) It really was a lovely day and confirmed my desire to keep this thing going year after year.

charlee is two
Throw Back: Charlee’s 2 year old tea party

The tea part of the party seemed easy enough but how could I make this time together in beautiful dresses, drinking lemonade and eating pastries more significant. I was reminded of a very beautiful passage in Psalms. Psalm 139:13-14.


That was it! I wanted every mommy and sweet little lady to know how wonderful they were. From the tops of the their beautiful bow topped heads to the tips of their Sunday best shoes….they are wonderful.

Inspired by a theme, Charlee and I invited some very precious women and their daughters to join us on the first weekend of June for our 2nd annual tea party.

IMG_3471 (2016-06-05T20_48_35.855)

We played a teapot version of the game hot potato. As the music played, the girls passed a sweet little pink teapot. When the music stopped the person holding the teapot received some very special encouragement.

IMG_3495 (2016-06-05T20_11_58.265)

When it landed in the hands of a mommy, her sweet precious daughter wrapped her arms around her neck said, “I love you mommy!” When it stopped in the possession of a sweet little lady, she heard some of the most precious words from her mommy.


I heard: “I love how girly you are.”


IMG_3479 (2016-06-05T20_36_06.462)

“I love your sense of humor.”


IMG_3489 (2016-06-05T20_20_11.547)

I heard: “You are brave.”


IMG_3497 (2016-06-05T20_09_20.915)

“You are friendly.”


IMG_3506 (2016-06-05T20_01_05.993)

“You are so content and a joy to behold.”


IMG_3487 (2016-06-05T20_22_59.097)

“You are a very determined little lady and quite the artist.”


I will always treasure these beautiful transactions of words.

IMG_3514 (2016-06-05T19_48_58.622)

We enjoyed delightful yummies including fruit, pastries, tea sandwiches….all compliments of Kroger. (I have three kids…no time for homemade in this season!)

IMG_3513 (2016-06-05T19_50_12.265)

I shared with the mommies the history of some of my teacups and teapots that I’ve collected over the years. Some were acquired as gifts. Others I found at thrift shops or even the dollar tree.

IMG_3517 (2016-06-05T19_44_47.152)

Despite where they came from, they all hold value because they are mine. I reminded these precious women, that their creator values them. No matter the price tag placed on them by society, they are priceless because they are His.

Aren’t they adorable!?!

The set up….

IMG_3519 (2016-06-05T19_41_49.843)


IMG_3532 (2016-06-05T19_19_52.254)
What’s a tea party without a tea cart : )


IMG_3458 (2016-06-05T21_06_44.954)
IMG_3461 (2016-06-05T21_01_52.645)


IMG_3466 (2016-06-05T20_53_21.502)
IMG_3533 (2016-06-05T19_18_15.547)

We gave each precious little girl a bracelet. On one side it says WONDERFUL. On the other side is the scripture reference: Psalm 139:14 “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

IMG_3541 (2016-06-05T19_08_36.513)

That’s my prayer for these mommies and their precious daughters.


Charlee loved hosting all her little friends and can’t wait until next year. I was only brave enough to invite the girls in our lifegroup and her friends who came to the tea party last year. Next year I’ll be braver and invite more sweet friends. And maybe the theme will be BRAVE. : )


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