What’s Wrong with a Bad Photo?

I keep seeing this commercial on tv for a smart phone. It goes through a series of special moments captured by a phone’s camera. A wedding. A little girl snuggling with a dog. You know what I’m talking about.

And every picture is blurry, has red eye, etc.

The goal of the commercial is for you to be so unhappy with the quality of your pictures that you just have to have this new high tech phone.

Ironically, that’s the last thought that crosses my mind when I watch it. I actually get a little indignant. What’s wrong with a bad photo? I took this picture last night of my little girl.

Sleeping Beauy
Sleeping Beauty

It’s blurry. The lighting is awful. But something about it is very special. Perhaps the memory being created in the photo: looking at my sweet sleeping angel who won’t always be so little.

My son, now nearly 2 and a half years old (although he claims he’s five and daddy is one) was once that little. But now he’s 30lbs, talking in full sentences, and his favorite past times include creating ‘camels’ out of ┬áDuplo blocks and looking for airplanes in the sky.

Lining up his animals
Lining up his animals


I love beautiful pictures. I have a great appreciation for beautiful pictures. This one was taken just a week before I gave birth to our baby girl by my friend Delissa who is a photographer.

39 weeks!


Delissa has a brilliant gift for capturing beauty in a photograph. Gorgeous photos like this one fill our home. But they are right beside the not so great photos. I don’t want to erase a memory just because the picture doesn’t carry with it the polish of a perfect photo.

If you are a photographer, I admire you. You are an artist and your gift is one the world is so fortunate to have.

But if you are not a photographer, take it easy on yourself.

Good pictures hold memories. Capture that and worry less about the lighting and essence of your photo. Leave that up to the professionals and focus your energy on enjoying those sweet subjects etched on the lense of your  heart.


Life is Beautiful!


Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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