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Perhaps it was teaching preschool for five years or just some type of inherent mommy gene that surfaced after having my first child, but whatever the source I was adamant we have a playroom for our children. It was a prerequisite that ranked right up there with an office space for my husband when house hunting.

Today I’d like to share with you what our playroom looks like as of right now. It’s taken two years filled with painting, countless shuffling of furniture, wall-art tweaks and purging to get it to a place where I’m hopeful we’ll keep it as it is for a while. Fortunately, for my husband, I am 31 weeks pregnant and not able to physically rearrange as much as I’d like, so it may stay this way by default.

Regardless the reason, I welcome you to our playroom. But before I show you it’s current condition, shall I show you a few progressions from the time we moved in until now?

This isn’t the best quality picture but it lets you see the overbearing red walls we inherited.

a little view of the room with no alterations to paint
a little view of the room with no alterations to paint

With a very limited timeline until our daughter arrived on the scene, my husband and a friend set to work to get the playroom and our son’s room freshly painted.

Here’s a picture of how we initially set up the room with it’s new friendlier colors. We made the obnoxious accent wall a more pleasant yet bold teal color and the supporting walls a silver grey.




Over time, the room took on many different looks. The train table went here. The toy shelf went there. We added an art wall with a lovely decal. We put down this carpet and that foam mat. I just kept experimenting.

Then one day I realized that our dining room table wasn’t working in the kitchen anymore and with the advent of a fifth family member I decided to move the dining room table from our kitchen nook down into the playroom. This added another challenge to making this space work. Not to mention EVERY WALL has an opening be it a door or hallway.

So finally we landed on our current arrangement and I have to say I am very pleased with it.


view from the kitchen
view from the kitchen

Let me tell you about a few things in this picture. The clouds were leftover from a project we did in my son’s room that I can’t wait to tell you about in a later post.

The chalkboard banner I found at a store in one of my favorite shopping spots: Downtown McKinney. Currently it says PLAY but I’m looking forward to changing what it says from time to time.
I’m sure my fellow IKEA fans recognize a few things like the cube shelf, easel and number containers. This space has housed so many different storage units: from a larger   8 cube unit, to bucket shelves to now a simple four cube unit. I was finding that the more toys were out the less they were actually played with and the more my son was just dumping buckets and making messes. I imagine I will rotate what are in these green buckets but right now I’m enjoying him playing with just a few cars . I’m loving my daughter pulling out just a few toys at a time.

view from my bedroom entrance
view from my bedroom entrance

Here’s the other side of the room. It is set up like a little home complete with a play kitchen and table and chairs. My daughter will sit at the table with her stuffed animals and baby dolls and I overheard my son this morning telling daddy that he was making coffee! Again, I simplified the space and they are playing in it!

She was feeding her baby doll but decided feeding herself was more fun.
She was feeding her baby doll but decided feeding herself was more fun.

A few items to point out. The table is another IKEA favorite that I got on a yardsale site for $5! Most of the toys are second hand too. The bakers rack has been used in so many different spaces for multiple purposes. The rug under the table started out in our bathroom and has moved around the house here and there.

Oh and I’m sure you noticed that nice little crack above the cute teal picture frames from you guessed it IKEA.

gotta love foundation issues
gotta love foundation issues

We have foundation issues that we will be tackling soon. Ah the joys of living in Texas.

But look at this cute little canvas I found in my neighbor’s trash. {it was leaning against their fence next to their trash can. }

one man's junk...
one man’s junk…

I thought the colors were perfect for our playroom. I bought a clock kit and one day soon, we’ll transform this into a clock!


As I said we are sharing this space with our dining room table currently. I doubt we always will. I’ve contemplated walls, half walls, book shelves to divide the space. You name it and I’ve probably mentioned the idea to my husband. But for now, this is what the rest of the ‘playroom’ looks like.

our little dining area
our little dining area

And here’s the view when it hasn’t been cleaned up for picture taking purposes.

It's a mess but it's home : )
It’s a mess but it’s home : )

Another thing worth noting. We have a rug that I plan on putting under the dining room table soon. Soon as in: as soon as I can mop the floor to put it down. Being pregnant can slow you down quite a bit.

Here’s proof we really have it.

rug for the dining room
rug for the dining room

The kids love their space and I’m pretty proud of it as well.


Here’s a few tips that might help you in your decorating adventures.

1. If you see something you L-O-V-E but you’re not sure where you’ll put it, BUY IT!!! I have so many pieces of furniture that have started in one space and migrated to multiple locations until it found it’s final place of honor in my home.

2. Don’t be afraid to break rules. The playroom really didn’t start coming together until I stopped allowing the boundaries of the room to play a part in how I placed items. Just because there’s an entrance to a room doesn’t mean that entryway can’t be blocked.

3. Experiment a lot. My personality lends itself well to this one. Lots of what if’s and tweaks go through my mind about lots of things every day. I was determined to make this space shine and be practical for the kids and I think we are finally seeing the fruit of trying something that didn’t work but led to a better solution.

4. Love it. Even if the magazines or blogs or {insert your source of savvy decor tips} say you’re doing it wrong, if you love the outcome, that’s what matters. This space makes me happy and more importantly my children love it. I’m sure I’ve broken a million decorating rules. Oh well.

Thanks for coming by for a visit. Next stop, my son’s “Big Boy” room. 


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