This Business of Becoming One

My husband and I just had a little spat. It’s been over for at least an hour now. We both apologized, felt bad about our actions, and kissed to… well, you know, make up. But I’m still a little bit out of it. Not so much because of what happened but because of why it happened.

There’s this verse: the two shall become one (Mark 10:8). I always thought this was a cool verse but now I actually understand a little more what it means.

As a wife:

  • I can and will feel the things my husband is feeling.
  • I can sense his stress and often take it on without realizing it.
  • My faith is built up and can be torn down based on his relationship with God.
  • When I am hurt by my husband, I feel it more deeply because of how much I love him.
  • I can hurt my husband more quickly with silence than the most potent of words.
  • Praying for my husband is more effective than nagging.
  • I have the opportunity to build up my husband through affectionate words and actions.
  • I can make the decision to start again when things go awry. Moping doesn’t solve anything

The more I take on this adventure, the more I truly comprehend how important it is to pray for my husband, love him unconditionally and always keep the lines of communication open.

So… yes, the argument has come and gone but my love for my husband and my desire to honor him has greater depth than before. And this business of becoming one has greater meaning as well.

Thank you God for giving me the sweetest husband with whom I will journey til death parts our ways.

Embracing the Journey




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