The Mom Life: View {Day 2}

I am amazed at what my little boy sees that I miss.

Just today he noticed on the end of a car antenna Mickey Mouse. I had to scan the many cars in front of us before I found the car and the Mickey he had spotted.

The other day, his eyes found Super Man.

Everything’s a Super Hero for him. And if it’s not a ‘hero’, he doesn’t want anything to do with it. For show and tell today, he needed an item that started with the letter E. I had to convince him that his little chicks in egg shells were heroic. Otherwise he would have refused to take them.


He asks me about everything

Dom: Mommy, are Rescue Bots heroes?

Mommy: Yes Dom. Rescue bots are heroes. They save the day.

Dom: Mommy, is Lightning McQueen a hero?

Mommy: Well Dom. Lightning started off making bad choices but in the end he did a very heroic thing.

Dom: Mommy? Is Jesus a superhero.

Mommy: Yes, Dom. Jesus is the ultimate superhero. He gave his life so we could be with God. That is the most heroic thing anyone could do!

To view every thing through such heroic attributes. It may not be how I would naturally see things but with a smart inquisitive little boy, I’m enjoying his view.


This post is part of a 31 day movement. You can learn more about it here but the gist of it is that I take 5 minutes to write on a one word prompt that is provided following a theme that I have chosen. My theme is The Mom Life. So every post will center around my life and experiences as a mom and what comes to mind when I think about the prompt given. Hope you enjoy following my writing journey as much as I will love crafting the words. 

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