The Mom Life: Say {Day Eight}

This morning, my children  gave me a wonderful gift. I’m not sure why but they were very affectionate. Hugs, kisses, shouts of ‘mommy’ given in the tone of complete adoration.

It was so out of the ordinary that, to be honest,  I was rather taken aback by their actions. But it sure did feel good.

I don’t think they ever said the words, “I love you” but the demonstration of their love was loud and clear.

What a gift I have in my children. They look at me and see mommy. They see a person with whom they feel safe, cared for and most importantly loved.

May my actions take their breath away from time to time as well. May they know whether they hear it in words or just see it in actions that I indeed love them very much.

And may I say it often enough that they know what is about to come out of my mouth.

I love you!


This post is part of a 31 day movement. You can learn more about it here but the gist of it is that I take 5 minutes to write on a one word prompt that is provided following a theme that I have chosen. My theme is The Mom Life. So every post will center around my life and experiences as a mom and what comes to mind when I think about the prompt given. Hope you enjoy following my writing journey as much as I will love crafting the words. 

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