The Mom Life: Move {Day One}

Exercise is so hard with kids. Like not possible most days.

Wasn’t always that way. I remember with my first I met up with 2 other moms and walked the mall. Granted as first time moms nursing new born babes we spent most of the time rounding the mall stopping at bathrooms for diaper changes, tagging out for nursing sessions and barely talking to each other at all.

But we were moving.

I miss that first time mom comradary. Everything is new. The textbooks are out the window. And the: your baby does that too!? conversations are constantly happening and you don’t feel alone.

With each child, it feels like you have to have it more together. No walks in the mall with other moms wide eyed (and tired eyed) experiencing everything for the first time.

But I can’t let that stop me from moving both my body and my words to reach out to other women who feel what I feel. Who struggle with multiple little ones clamoring for their attention, wondering what it was like to take a shower without tears or fear of damage control upon emerging.

MOVE. Move my mouth to be honest about the struggle. Move my hands to write the words of affirmation others need to hear. Move my pride over to admit I need help. Move my expectations to a more realistic place.

Will I be the one to voice what others are feeling. If I’m willing I must move.


This post is part of a 31 day movement. You can learn more about it here but the gist of it is that I take 5 minutes to write on a one word prompt that is provided following a theme that I have chosen. My theme is The Mom Life. So every post will center around my life and experiences as a mom and what comes to mind when I think about the prompt given. Hope you enjoy following my writing journey as much as I will love crafting the words. 

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