Thanks for the LUV Southwest

A week ago, I wrote a letter to Southwest {via this blog} to let them know that we had ‘missed them’ a few days ago when we traveled their airline. You can read about it here.

The same day I ‘twittered’ my letter, I received a response from a gal named Verity Kugelman {twitter handle: @southwestverity}. Because of her genuine concern over our experience and the way Southwest responded, I decided that a follow up letter was in order.

Below is my follow up letter:

Dear Southwest,

As huge fans of your airline, we knew that last Tuesday HAD to be a bad day. An honest-to-goodness getting up on the wrong side of the bed kind of day.

And you proved us right. Because you ARE Southwest.

We were truly thankful for your listening ear to our less than excellent experience the early part of this month. And we knew you would listen if we spoke.

What we didn’t expect was your response.

To recap, I ‘twittered’  my letter to you on June 7th in the morning. The very same day, just before noon, I received a message from @southwestverity. She was genuinely sorry about our experience and wanted to collect some details to get to the bottom of things. I sent it to her and she again genuinely apologized.

June 10th {a Sunday, mind you}, your very own Verity sent me another message via twitter apologizing AGAIN for our experience and told us to keep an eye on our email in the next 5-7 days for some travel vouchers {which arrived 3 days later by the way!}

When my husband opened the email, he was a bit shocked. You basically reimbursed us that leg of the trip!

In retrospect, we didn’t  have anything terrible happen. We weren’t bumped off a flight. We were not stranded at the airport for hours only to find out that there would be no more flights out that evening.

We did, however, have a less than pleasant ride home that just wasn’t what we had experienced on the many trips we’d taken before with Southwest.

I imagine most airlines would have rolled their eyes at my letter. I wouldn’t be surprised if another airline would have missed my tweet altogether.

But not Southwest.

You caught it and responded the same day. You got to the bottom of our discomfort. And you again demonstrated what separates you from other airlines. The reason we only fly Southwest. 

And special thanks to Verity Kugelman who exudes the Southwest way both in customer service and spirit. Smart move in hiring her, Southwest. Smart Move.

Much LUV,

The Parkers

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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