World Party


People from all nationsYesterday, the English Language program that meets at our church hosted a World Party. It felt like a market place. Bustling with people and excitement. Delicious smells and chatter.

Flags from every nation hanging from the ceiling. Beautiful faces young and old representing over 30 different countries. It was amazing.

I met a girl named Shruthie. She’s from India and her name means Melody. Her parents knew what they were doing naming her such a musical name. This gal loves music!

I met another lady who called herself Linda. She was from China and told me I should visit.

Another man from China pointed to a rectangular pan of white and insisted I give it a try. So I did. Delicious!

I helped Samia move her display board to the right table. Samia loves art. I think she was from Bangladesh!

I met a lady who grew up in the U.K. She explained to me the beautiful story behind a Love Spoon and shared some high tea delicacies.

I talked momentarily to our church’s resident Australian and came back for seconds of his wife’s sausage rolls.

My co-worker Mary gave me some of the tastiest rice I’ve ever consumed. An Iranian dish. Rice, lima beans, and persian spices. So good!

I talked with one of the founders of Marissa’s House who has orphanages in both Ethiopia and Uganda.

I walked back and forth through that atrium retracing my steps dozens of times but each time crossing paths with different faces, trying new foods, hearing joyful conversations in languages I could not begin to translate.

It was magical. Glorious. Wonderful.

The nations all gathering under one roof. Celebrating their differences and how those differences brought us all to the same place.

It was heaven on earth for two hours. Pictures were taken. Songs were sung. A giant reunion.

I couldn’t communicate very well with most of the people I encountered but we exchanged a universal smile.

All the nations under one roof. Heavenly.


Where do we go from here?

Last week I posted that I was wrapping up my fifth and final year as a teacher as Legacy Church Preschool.

Although I wasn’t looking for it, I was also a bit surprised that no one seemed to be curious about what was next on my horizons.

Funny huh?

So. For those who just might be curious, here’s a little glimpse into my life these days and what closing one chapter of my life has now opened up in another book.

This past summer just 8 short weeks after Charlee was born, I added to my responsibilities at LCP a few hours a week serving with the children’s ministry program as KidStreet Preschool Director. I was REALLY excited about this. I mean, I graduated from college with the degree and calling to be in children’s ministry. Only makes sense, right?

But I couldn’t bring myself to let go of my job at LCP. I had loved, loved, LOVED teaching Bible and Music & Movement.Each year I felt like I was closer to really being an expert in working with preschool children and successfully teaching these topics!

So, in true superhero complex fashion, I decided I could do both. All while raising two small children, managing a home and being a wife to my sweet husband. Add in friends. Mix in a little housework and a whole lot of doctor’s appointments for Charlee.

And I did succeed for a while. But then I didn’t know the names of all the children. Each week I was scrambling to finish crafts that deserved so much more care and attention than I could give them. And my new responsibilities with KidStreet were not getting the time and effort they deserved either. I felt like I was spinning my wheels but not getting anywhere.

I realized I was just too divided. Although I was focusing on Preschool in both areas, I realized I needed to choose one over the other. As I prayed, I knew that it was clear the Lord was leading me give my time and energy fully to KidStreet. What an extremely difficult decision that was! I actually held onto it for a few months before I had the courage to tell my boss.

And then a week later I found out that my KidStreet boss had resigned. That she and her husband were being obedient to the Lord too and stepping out in faith to do what God had ultimately called them to do. Fast-forward another week and  I was being asked to act as interim as they searched for a new Family Pastor.

My husband and I wrestled with this possibility for a week to be confident that this was what God would have me do for a season. We both felt strongly that saying, ‘yes’ was the right decision.

So for a month now, I’ve been wearing a lot of hats, participating in meetings, dreaming, troubleshooting, working alongside some of the finest. We are knee deep in our search for a Family Pastor. I’m excited to see who this person will be and how God will use their gifts to make the Family Ministry at Legacy Church even stronger and more relevant to our city. I’m not alone on this journey. I have two amazing co-workers Cynthia and Andrea (big shout out!) and a team of really strong, committed, and talented volunteers.  We’ll keep things moving and shaking! And when  the  Family Pastor comes on the scene, we’ll be excited and ready for the next level of Family Ministry.

So no deep thoughts or compelling imagery tonight. Just details. God is up to something pretty amazing in Plano and at Legacy Church. I’m honored to be a part of it. Praying for our new Family Pastor wherever he or she is in this moment. I pray this person’s heart is already being made tender for the children and families of our town!!!