There's No Prayer Leader in Kindergarten

There’s No Prayer Leader in Kindergarten

Dear Dominic Truth,

Not too long ago, you shared with me that your friend Blake told you, “There’s no prayer leader in Kindergarten”. Because you have been raised in a Christ-centered home, attended a Christian Preschool , been a part of church your entire 5 years of life, and have been surrounded almost exclusively by Christ-followers, I can understand your surprise at learning this.

At least that was my first response. But then, being the deep overthinker that mommy is, I began to contemplate what that really means for you.

There’s no prayer leader in kindergarten.

  • No one inviting you to start your day at school in prayer.
  • No one reminding you to fold your hands and bow your head to give thanks to God for your snack and lunch.
  • No Bible lesson to instruct you to be kind and loving. Or brave. Or honest.
  • No songs to reinforce that God will “strengthen you and help you”.
  • No teachers praising you for demonstrating Christ-like attributes. No teachers nurturing you with God’s word when your choices are not the wisest.

No prayer leader in kindergarten? I both shudder with fear and squeal with delight at the thought!

For now it really begins.

  • You will have to decide for yourself whether you will start your day at school with prayer.
  • You must decide for yourself to bow your head and give thanks for your snack and lunch.
  • It is up to you to lean on the stories from home and lessons from Church and decide for yourself to be kind and loving to everyone because that is what Christ instructs.
  • You will have to choose to carry a song of the goodness of God in your heart which you will, no doubt, share with your teacher and classmates.
  • You will have to rely on the Holy Spirit to make the right choice, the Christ honoring choice.
  • You’ll have to listen carefully to the quiet voice of God as he shapes you through your decisions. You’ll have to decide for yourself to confess when you have done wrong even if no one else notices.

No prayer leader in kindergarten? I disagree.

Perhaps, there will be no slot on the class job chart that holds this title. However, I believe and pray fervently that God will raise up a prayer leader all the same.

  • I pray you will own your faith.
  • When you cross paths with those, who like you, have a Biblical foundation, may you be the encouragement they need to live out what they know to be true even though no sticker will be placed on the reward chart for representing Christ.
  • When you come face to face with those who do not know Jesus….when you are confronted with questions of whether or not God truly exists…when you are faced with hard questions like: “Why is Jesus the only way?”…I pray you will wrestle through these questions and find the answers…find the truth in God’s word.
  • May you lead your friends to Christ.
  • May the years to come raise up a mighty prayer leader. One who will proclaim that he belongs to God and, regardless of religious opinions or cultural norms, lives out the truth of Jesus Christ in his life.

No prayer leader in kindergarten? Why, Dom, don’t you know that’s you?!

YOU are the prayer leader your kindergarten class needs. You’ve got this! And all your teachers and mentors past, present and even future will be cheering you on as you lead not only your kindergarten friends but everyone with whom you have contact because you are a prayer leader



Dom’s Life Verse

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6

We Did It!

When Marshall and I married nearly five years ago, we brought with us the proverbial baggage of credit card debt, student loans and car notes along for the ride.

I think from the start of our marriage we knew this was not what we wanted for our future as man and wife and eventual family. Girded with the knowledge of how to get out of debt (thank you very much Dave Ramsey) and the biblical command to let no debt remain outstanding (Romans 13:8 ) we began chipping away at the financial shackles with which we had allowed ourselves to be bound by poor choices.

In the first year of our marriage we reduced our cumulative debt drastically and had stopped using our credit cards all together.

As we approached our third year of marriage with a baby on the way, we became even more aggressive in reducing our debt. Just one month before the arrival of our sweet baby boy we were able to share with everyone that we were debt free! No car payment. No credit card looming over our head. Sweet, sweet financial freedom was ours!

Not only that but we had a small emergency fund and enough money saved to pay cash to purchase a second used vehicle (a much needed purchase) just months after our son was born.

Our New (To Us) Truck


After a few months of relishing in our financial freedom and finally finding our way out of the baby fog we began to pursue our next goals of building up a substantial emergency fund and saving for a home. As we approached yet another anniversary in sharing life together, we celebrated the financial milestone of securing that suggested 3-6 months living expenses emergency fund. Ours teeters on about 4 months of survival money that we hope we never have to touch but are thankful is available in the event there is a need.

And so we began our house fund. My husband, being the creative genius he is, even designed a ‘thermometer house’ that we would fill in red the appropriate amount of ‘bricks’  each month the with the amount of money saved towards our house. Brick by brick, we would aggressively put back any money we could with that dream of purchasing a home.

Our House Thermometer


And then one day, we decided it was time. With the advent of a second child, we knew the home we had rented nearly four years was no longer the right fit for us and it was time to take that step towards owning a home.

But here is where our adventure truly began. You see, 2 years ago, when our debt was no more, we made a decision that our credit line would be no more as well. We closed every single account. So when we went to apply for a house loan, we found that we had no credit score whatsoever. This came as no surprise to us. We (read: my husband) had done the research and knew full well that our only option in acquiring a loan for a home would have to come through a manual underwrite. A much more difficult, even more highly scrutinizing process. What did surprise us was the fact that no one did manual underwrites anymore. No one except Churchill Mortgage (cue commercial endorsement).

We connected with the local Churchill Mortgage company and began the daunting paperwork process and searched with hope for just the right house. After a few months of house hunting, we found ‘the one’ just waiting for us to put our finger print on it. And we made our bid. After a counter, we reached an agreement and locked in a price of $1,000 below market value and $5,000 below asking price (cue endorsement for an awesome realtor: Tonia Merlene).

I shan’t bore you with the logistics of our loan but the process has been grueling. Although we are less of a financial risk than most people with a credit score, the hoops and hurdles we have had to jump through have been many and in some instances down right ridiculous. But we will close on Tuesday. We are bringing to the table a down payment of 3.5% and yes we are paying most of our own closing costs. A bad deal some might say. But we don’t agree.  We will have less of a loan because of the money we are putting up front and given our track record will have this house paid off much sooner than the loan’s timeline.

Amidst all this saving, you might think we haven’t truly lived our lives these past five years. I would highly disagree. We have lived a very fruitful life. We’ve grown closer as a couple and family, made lifelong friendships, sacrificially given, saved for items we really wanted, and taken those much needed family vacations. Our vehicles are not brand new, much of our furniture is second hand and our new home is just over 20 years old.

But we are happy.

We are living well below our means and look forward to teaching our children the values of working hard, delayed gratification, cheerful giving and the love of family.

We are not keeping up with the Jones….and it feels great.


Our New Home

Intentional Summer Fun {week 4}

We had a fun week.

We started off Monday with a trip to the chiropractor. Dom’s been seeing Dr George since before he was born!
Later that afternoon we had fun with shaving cream, finger paint and cookie cutters.

Building at the dr’s office

Tuesday morning we were out the door pretty quickly for the mall. We started with a brisk 40 minute walk (3 laps) around the mall. Dom loved hanging out in the stroller and waved at a lot of people. Afterwards, I took Dom to the mall playland. He had fun and even made a friend. Kinsey showed Dominic the ‘ropes’ of the playground. It was too cute.

Every lap I got faster!!

Wednesday, if we are in town, I’ve been going to my workplace to do some planning and get ready for next school year. So while I made mad progress, Dominic played with his friends and Mrs Becky. He had so much fun that he passed out in the car almost immediately.

Later that afternoon we played outside for a bit.

Fun times

Thursday, we had fun going to the zoo with my friend Stacy and Dom’s little friend Phoenix. We went to the Dallas Zoo! It was lots of fun. We saw the elephants, the giraffes and the cheetahs. We also went on the monorail for a fun tour. Afterwards we rode on the carousel and played in the Children’s zoo. We saw goats and fish! And a really big rabbit! It was really fun!

On the carousel

That night Dom and Marshall met up with our lifegroup at In and Out. I was at a dinner meet up with my co workers. We both had fun and came home bubbling with stories.

And today, Friday, has been a cleaning day. Lots of laundry and catching up on things that this busy week has over looked.

So a pretty fun week!

We hope to get back to the library story time next week and check out one of our local splash pads, too!

How was your week? Enjoying your summer?