Intentional Summer Fun {week 4}

We had a fun week.

We started off Monday with a trip to the chiropractor. Dom’s been seeing Dr George since before he was born!
Later that afternoon we had fun with shaving cream, finger paint and cookie cutters.

Building at the dr’s office

Tuesday morning we were out the door pretty quickly for the mall. We started with a brisk 40 minute walk (3 laps) around the mall. Dom loved hanging out in the stroller and waved at a lot of people. Afterwards, I took Dom to the mall playland. He had fun and even made a friend. Kinsey showed Dominic the ‘ropes’ of the playground. It was too cute.

Every lap I got faster!!

Wednesday, if we are in town, I’ve been going to my workplace to do some planning and get ready for next school year. So while I made mad progress, Dominic played with his friends and Mrs Becky. He had so much fun that he passed out in the car almost immediately.

Later that afternoon we played outside for a bit.

Fun times

Thursday, we had fun going to the zoo with my friend Stacy and Dom’s little friend Phoenix. We went to the Dallas Zoo! It was lots of fun. We saw the elephants, the giraffes and the cheetahs. We also went on the monorail for a fun tour. Afterwards we rode on the carousel and played in the Children’s zoo. We saw goats and fish! And a really big rabbit! It was really fun!

On the carousel

That night Dom and Marshall met up with our lifegroup at In and Out. I was at a dinner meet up with my co workers. We both had fun and came home bubbling with stories.

And today, Friday, has been a cleaning day. Lots of laundry and catching up on things that this busy week has over looked.

So a pretty fun week!

We hope to get back to the library story time next week and check out one of our local splash pads, too!

How was your week? Enjoying your summer?

Summer Fun Commitment

Typically when I blog, it’s because something has touched my heart, tickled my funny bone or challenged me to be better. And I write about these things to share the journey and hopefully pass along some of the inspiration.

Having said that, today’s post and future posts with similar titles are totally for me and for the purpose of accountability.

I want to look back on this summer and say I did something. That Dom had fun. That I had fun. And that Sesame Street was not our default entertainment each day.

So last night I started something that I’ve had great intentions of doing for quite some time. I made a summer schedule for Dominic and myself.

It includes activities like:

  • Going to the zoo. We have an annual pass.
  • Going to the library, which we did yesterday!
  • Playing in our backyard and in our new pool! (great deal at Wal-Mart for $20!!)
  • Going to one of the many local parks and splash pads.
  • Play dates.
  • Lazy days.
  • Work days (I’ve been planning for next school year).

I’ve actually gone through and designated an activity (and by activity I mean zoo, playdate, etc) for every week day. Whether we do that specific activity or not will be dictated more on a weekly basis as schedules fill up with this or that. But at least I’ve got SOMETHING on the calendar that I can use as a guideline and point of accountability to prevent our weeks from going by with nothing to show for it.

And as a way of making sure I follow through with this, I’m sharing this commitment with you my 3 devoted readers and my multiple ghost readers {I don’t know who you are but I know you read my stuff! 😉 }

I also feel that it will serve as a great log of our fun summer!

My commitment is to weekly post about what we did that week. Nothing flashy. Just the facts and hopefully some pictures.

So. {lifting a tall glass of sweet tea in toast}

To a fun activity filled summer!



Feel free to share your summer goals in the comments section. I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned.

And pretty please hold me accountable to my goals!