That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.

Doctors visits.

Car rides. Said vehicles breaking down. More car rides to get Marshall to work and home from work all while toting the 3 year old and the infant. Out the door before 8…back through the door after 5.

Evaluations. Forking over money.

More miles in the car.

Tears. Three year old melt downs.

Thirty four year old meltdowns.

Jobs that should be loved suddenly become loathed because it means getting dressed and showering and facing another day when keeping the covers over my head sounds better.

More doctors visits.


Kidney reflux.


Lots of Web MD’ing.

More three year old fits.

More thirty four year old fits.

Snow. Ice.

And then sunshine.

There’s still more miles to be put on the car. Still more doctors’ visits to be had. More money to fork over.

But the decision is mine to believe that life is still beautiful. That there are blessings to be had in car rides. There are lessons to be learned in waiting rooms. There are people to be shown kindness and occasionally be the recipient of said kindness.

It’s not all bad. There’s actually a lot of good.

It is then that I begin to see my circumstances not through the lense of a rose colored variety but through the promise that although the winter has been way too long…

spring. is. coming.

Intentional Summer Fun {Week 5}

Feels like July snuck in and is about to sneak out on me. Hard to believe that there’s not that much summer left. But I am glad that I can look back on a huge portion of our summer and see fun activities. Even a day in our p.j.’s doing laundry and having Super Why? marathons seems okay when I line them up beside days of activity. So here goes. Let’s see how this week measures up with intentionality and fun.


Monday: We had fun at Library Story Time. Afterwards we went to the park that is connected to the library by a parking lot.  We had fun on the swing and met a very nice dog. Dom was shy at first but would point from a distance. Just before we left, he finally was brave enough to touch him.

On our 8 minute drive home, Dominic fell asleep. So nap time followed by lunch. Not really sure what else we did on this day because this was the day that Dominic had a major meltdown. Cue adorably pathetic picture.

Oh my.

He was a mess from about 3:30 til I put him into bed before 6. And yes that’s early but he didn’t wake up til 6:30 the next day so I’d say he needed it.


Tuesday: We went to the mall where I ‘rocked it’. Three laps and my slowest lap was only 24 seconds slower than my fastest lap the week prior. Afterwards we went onto the playland. We didn’t stay long. I’m guessing as friendly as Dom can be he still gets shy just like every other child and today that’s what happened.

It’s about a mile per lap. Kept up this pace pushing Dom in the stroller!

Wednesday: This is my day to plan for school. So after dropping Dominic off at summer care, I got busy. I crossed everything off my list but it was a harder day. My motivation was a little low…guess that happens from time to time. I picked Dominic up and on our way home, Dom fell asleep. While he slept, I took a nap myself before heading out the door for an ear appointment with a new ENT. I really like her and feel like she is really going to be able to help me. {more on that in a later post}

Thursday: Dominic’s 18 month appointment! He officially weighs: 24.4lbs, his head is 47 cm and a whopping height of 31 inches (that’s a bit short). So other than his height Dom is representing the 25%tile. Health wise and developmentally the doctor says he looks great. No shots this visit which was NICE!

And, in good form, Dom fell asleep on the car ride home. And slept for 2 hours!!! Guess the doctor visit wore him out.

Daddy came home for lunch which was a great treat. And then later that evening we had lifegroup and stayed out late which Dom loved. His usual bedtime is 7 and we didn’t even make it home til close to 10.

Friday: In honor of Dom’s 18 month birthday we have been doing laundry and mopping seriously dirty floors. We’ve also enjoyed a few episodes of Super Why? and read books and cuddled and Dom took an awesome nap. Marshall is working from home this afternoon which is a rare treat as well.

I was able to catch this precious father son moment.

And here’s a pic of my sweet 18 month old toddler.

My sweet little toddler

So not exactly the busiest or exciting of weeks but a good one all the same.

How’s your summer going?