Sometimes it’s not easy to put into words what I’m thinking. It’s even harder to say what I really mean. Even harder than that? Putting into words what I’m thinking, actually saying what I mean and others ‘hearing’ it the way it was intended.

And so I write. With it comes time to jot those ideas out. I can scribble out what I don’t mean or hit delete on the keyboard. I can say it out loud. I can savor the words streaming from my mouth hopefully with at least a 10 second delay that might save me some patching of relationships later.

And when I write I find release. Relief from the stresses of life. Clarity often makes an appearance.

When I write to others, I hope to bring encouragement. The words definitely flow more freely and I find my gifting of the right words at the right time. I hope for a time when I can articulate these words in person. That’s kind of a messy hit or miss kind of deal. Lots of open mouth insert foot moments in person. But I will keep trying.

And by writing I can practice this beautiful art of communication. And maybe just maybe say what I mean to say in the way I mean to and be heard in the spirit of  my intentions.