Charlee’s New and Improved Helmet!

Today we had the honor of going to Wrap Buddies for a wrapping party for Charlee’s helmet. We had been on a waiting list and we finally got to the top!

360 Wraps spends most of their time wrapping vehicles but every month they set aside a day to help families with children dealing with plagiocephaly have a little joy amidst the challenges that wearing a docband helmet 24/7 can present. Through their non-profit Wrap Buddies, countless families have been blessed by their efforts.

Although I know what a car looks like when it’s wrapped, I was very interested to see what it would look like to get a helmet wrapped. It was a really neat experience.

We went a few days ago and were able to pick out a design for Charlee’s helmet. I was really torn between a very colorful butterfly pattern and a black and white paisley pattern. I decided to go with the paisley pattern.

paisley pattern
We chose the black and white pattern

The day of the party, we arrived at noon and were able to meet other families with children wearing helmets. Everyone had children of varying ages. There was a little girl who was 10 months. 7 month old twin boys. An 8 month old on her second helmet. 10 families in all.

Their cool table banner
Their cool table banner
wrap buddy experts
Getting started










As they worked on the helmets, the owner shared about how they got started 5 years ago when they wrapped a helmet for a 11 month old boy.

the process
Explaining the process
getting started
Getting started on Charlee’s helmet










I was pretty amazed with the process. They would place the adhesive pattern onto the front of the helmet, use this blow torch device to secure it, trim it up, and move to a new section.

cutting away excess
Using a blow torch to secure it










After it was completely secure he handed the helmet over to another team member who began the tedious process of trimming away the rest of the excess. I was amazed at how quickly and neatly she worked at this!

helmet trim
She was fast!


While we waited, Charlee played with the toys they provided on this really cool rug!

She loves this toy!

And then before we knew it, it was done!

helmet with wrap
Sporting her new look!
Lil Cutie










It was a wonderful experience and I am so so proud of the way her helmet looks now. We’ve had fun with the stickers and I’ll definitely miss changing things up each week, but this looks so much nicer. There’s a lot of challenges that come with wearing a helmet: odor, looks from strangers, the endless questions, the continual upkeep, appointments…

Thanks to Wrap Buddies, this journey has a wonderful memory to add to it. And they didn’t charge us a thing. They do this to be a blessing to families. Of course we plan to donate to this awesome cause and you can as well. Check out their website for more details.