Simple October {Give Away!}

simple october stationary

I am so excited about this giveaway and opportunity to highlight one of my favorite people and her sweet little shop.

I have known Emily Kinsaul since we were itty bitty kids. We’ve come and gone into each others lives but I’ve always felt like the distance and time did nothing to diminish the kindness and love that I have always felt from her.

Emily has been married to the love of her life for the past 6 years and they have  two awesome twin boys and another sweet one on the way. And they currently reside in the great state of Texas! {I told you she was a great gal!}

So. Let me tell you about this amazing shop called Simple October. Emily opened it almost three years ago. With October being her favorite month it only made sense that these simply beautiful products should be sold in a store called Simple October. Emily has always loved making homemade gifts and she puts a lot of care and thought into every gift she gives.

And her store is filled with that love and simply gorgeous products.

She has beautiful homemade items like chapstick cozies, quiet keepers {more about this in a minute}, notecards, zippered pouches!

Every time I order from this sweet little shop, I am just so blown away by the creativity and attention given to detail. Anything you buy from Simple October will be beautiful and quality work but it doesn’t stop there. The packaging will blow you away. Beautifully wrapped packaging, hand stitched business cards, a personal thank you. In addition to the lovely products you can find in her etsy shop she is always up for a custom order. She’s done a few for me and I have always been pleased beyond words with her work and pricing.

So let me tell you about these quiet keepers. I have three, yes, THREE that I just L.O.V.E.


Ever wanted to check on your sleeping child only to wake them with the clicking of a closing door? Or while your youngest sleeps, has your older rambunctious toddler come running through the house and slammed a door or two? You cringe, hold your breath, count to five, think you’re safe but then the baby starts crying. Well my friend, these amazing quiet keepers help solve your door clicking and slamming problems. Simply attach the elastic bands to the knobs and you’re set.

I love these things and it sure does make it easier to check on my sleeping children without waking them.

Look at this cute one! This is on my daughter’s door!

pink and white polka dot quiet keeper

Thanks to this handy piece of artwork I was able to check on my daughter, snap this photo, close the door and walk away without ever disturbing my sweet baby from her sleep. Awesome, I tell ya!

Would you like to have one? Thanks to Simple October I’ll be giving one away!!

All you have to do is comment below!  I’ll pick a winner using a random number picker device next Friday July 19th. So be sure to check back and feel free to share this contest with your friends! Let’s get the word out about this great lady and her beautiful shop: Simple October.

Life is Beautiful!


And go check out her Etsy Shop!! You will fall in love with her products. To keep up with all her great products you can also LIKE her Facebook Page

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

22 thoughts on “Simple October {Give Away!}

  1. I would love to have one of these so that this GRANDMOTHER 🙂 doesn’t wake the baby when I just want to watch him/her sleep <3 So excited for January to get here!

  2. I love her stuff and I was wanting some of these for sure! I haven’t ordered anything from her yet, but now I need to check the site out again & see what I “need”. 🙂 thanks, Patty!

  3. Patty I would like to enter my Sister, Dedra Updegraff, and my friend, Brittney Luycx. Both are expecting their first bundles of joy within the first few months of 2014. I’ve told them about these when I saw them on pinterest, but had no idea Emily made them. I will be checking out the other things she has to offer! So excited to be an Aunt!

    1. Hi Staci! Thanks for commenting! check back on Monday for the winner! If you win, you can decide who you would like to receive it : )

    1. I would love a quiet keeper for my girls room. Since they share a room I have to be extra quiet when getting sophia for nighttime feedings so miss bella won’t awake. Everything I’ve seen from Emily has been well made & she has such great taste in colors!

  4. I love mine. They have saved me when I have had to go into the baby’s room to get my phone that fell out of my pocket. I love all of Emily’s creations.

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