Retiring My Cape

imageI have a problem. I have a superhero complex. I dream up these amazing plans.

Plans for my health. Plans for my family. Plans for my job.

They are these extravagant expectations. Oh, they do sound amazing in theory; but they require super human strength and determination that would be hard enough to come by if I were just taking care of me. Add in a wonderful husband, a home to take care of, two beautiful children and a part time job and…well, who am I kidding? Those plans are just not gonna happen.

I believe they are possible all the same. Until I fail…and I have to face my Kryptonite; The fear that I am not good enough…because I failed. I’m not good enough because my goals,that were too lofty at inception, didn’t happen.

I’ve been listening* to a book by Lisa TerKeurst called {Unglued}. In it, she coins a phrase that has become a mantra in the Parker Household: imperfect progress.

We say this to each other, when the dishes pile up but we had a home cooked meal. Or when the laundry is caught up but the living room is a disaster.

Because the life we lived before children is gone.  The time of fresh sheets and clean floors is on hold for a while. The food choices we make are not always the ones we want to make long term. I will be late to work because of two sweet little speed bumps. I will have days when my activities consist of stroking the beautiful golden hair of a sick little boy who is too sick and tired to keep his eyes open for a movie. I will have days when I never make it to the shower. I will have days when my tear stained raw face will parade itself in front of many a person who thought I was stronger than that. There will be seasons where I am not at the top of my game.

And in each of these moments I will need to remind myself that I have not failed. I am just living. And to truly live, I have to retire my cape. I have to reveal who I really am for the world to see.

I have to be okay with me. I am enough.

{Life is Beautiful}

*that’s how I manage to stay in books these days with two little ones

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

4 thoughts on “Retiring My Cape

  1. I LOVED this. You are so eloquent. The line “I need to remind myself that I have not failed. I am just living” is wonderful. Life IS messy. It is full of disappointments and unmet expectations. But that is LIFE. It would be boring otherwise. Thank you so much for this insight!

  2. Thank you Patty, we do all need to read this, I too like the line that “I need to remind myself that I have not failed. I am just living.” Thanks for sharing!

  3. So well said! I have been through many phases like this. It’s made such a difference once I grasped the fact that it’s alright that I can’t always meet my own expectations. Or realizing that if I do, something else might fall by the wayside and that I have to decide if it’s okay to let that thing go for the moment or if it’s more important than the task I want completed. Constant re-evaluation of myself and my priorities. Knowing that no one has a perfectly clean home and totally organized everything helps too. Thanks for sharing!

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