Our “Tiny House” Experience or How I Flooded Our Home {Part One}

Once upon a time, in a town called Plano, there lived a mommy, a daddy, three kids and a few fish. On one particular day, the mommy was trying to get some things taken care of while the baby slept, the daddy was at work and the two older children were in summer care. In her haste to clean, she left the bathtub running. While multi-tasking as most mothers do, the baby cried, laundry was changed over and the mommy decided to listen to the sermon from Sunday that she had missed. 45 minutes later, this mommy headed towards the door to go pick up her two older children only to see a slosh of water coming from the bathroom flowing into the main foyer, her husbands office, the children’s bedrooms and, as she found out later, generously watering the front of the house.

This once upon a time was our reality a month ago. As a result, our house was a disaster zone.

After 5 days of fans and dehydrators and pulling up damaged floors and tearing out ruined drywall. We were able to return to our home…that now looked like this. I put a rug down both for safety and to make it feel at least a little like a home.
carpet covering ruined floors


Thankfully my mistake was covered sans deductible by our house insurance but we had to live through a heck of a renovation process. Below is what we had to remove from two bedroom closets, a linen closet and a game closet.IMG_1282




The kids having fun in our crazy.


We moved the kids beds to the playroom during the renovation. Oh. My. Word. Was that tough. Every one slept wherever seemed to work in that moment. Devin slept in Charlee’s bed some. Both the older kids slept in our bed either for naps or as a result of rogue bed time behavior. I slept next to Devin on his crib mattress on the floor in our bedroom a few times. Even Marshall slept for a bit on Charlee’s bed!IMG_1257

Here’s more of the crazy. IMG_1270


In the midst of all the insanity we tried really hard to find some new normal. Here’s our attempt at making the living room functional despite the decrease in space due to stuff everywhere.


And our Nursery that I likened to Wendy’s in Peter Pan.


We went from a nearly 2,000 square foot home to less than half of that in usable, livable space. Granted I know people live in less on a regular basis but when you’ve been used to a larger amount of space and your children are USED TO a routine and their own room….well, it was rough on us Parkers!

Here is what I learned from this part of the experience:
The night this all happened our Community Group (from our church) dropped what they were doing and helped us. It’s hard to make a mistake, especially when it is a silly expensive mistake but our friends that are like family embraced the opportunity to love us in our literal mess. And it felt good. It was lesson worth learning.


Stay tuned for more pics of the renovation process and how the house looks now and all the lessons we’ve learned along the way. 

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