Our Summer Staycation!


This July both due to lots of doctor bills (we had a baby this year after all) and unexpected home repairs we decided  to do a StayCation in lieu of a traditional vacation.

Here’s a glimpse into our week at home.

We played in our pool. Not big but the kids loved it. At one point we put the hose on the slide and the kids LOVED going down the ‘water slide’!

Pool time

We also tackled a DIY night stand project. Here’s Dom assisting by sorting the wood by size.Building project

Charlee helped too. Sorting the wood

Devin just looked cute and smiled a lot. baby

baby smiling


Of course you need the proper protection for these extensive DIY projects!

wear your goggles


Dom helped hold the wood in place as Marshall put the screws in.helping build the shelf

One of the night stands complete. Marshall built and stained two for our bedroom. They are gorgeous and getting a lot of good use!finished product


We went to a local pool. Never mind that we were in the pool 45 minutes and took 45 minutes to get everyone dressed and back to the car. We made it to the pool! Afterwards, we went to the park for a picnic lunch. picnic

Devin really enjoyed it.sleepy baby


Then we flew kites. Dom had an Ironman kite.kite flying

kite flying 2

kite flying 3

Charlee had a Hello Kitty Kite.hello kitty kite

During our staycation we had fun doing playdough, crafts and watching movies.playdough

playdough 2

Here’s our 4th of July Fireworks crafts in process. 4th of july crafts

july crafts

It was a wonderful blessing to be with family. little dev

little mozart dev

Hotels and amusement parks are great but getting rest and surrounding yourself with family…that’s what matters no matter the location. life is beautiful


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