Our Baby Journey Week 9

Well, I am three weeks aways from finishing my first trimester and I just threw up for the first time.

I cried because it scared me (it came out of nowhere!!!!). I am such a wimp.

Anyway exciting happenings this week include:

  • crazy emotions and tears basically everyday
  • weird cravings like Ramen Noodles at 11 at night
  • the “I’m done” syndrome. In a nutshell, I have all this energy to cook or clean until the energy leaves. I can be in the middle of serving up dinner and I just look at my husband and say,  “Okay. I’m done; can you finish?” The energy literally leaves in an instant. It’s pretty funny actually.
  • frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night

Our little Parker Baby:

  • is the size of a large grape
  • weighs just under an ounce

Welp. Here’s the belly pic.

Notice the little bump!

Thursday is my first prenatal visit. Here is what I’ve been told to expect:

  • lots of blood work/labs
  • physical exam
  • lots of reading/teaching material including a nutrition packet
  • the use of a doppler heart monitor in hopes of catching a heartbeat

Of course I am most excited about hearing the heartbeat. Marshall will be there and I anticipate a very special moment when we get to meet(hear) our sweet baby for the first time.

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

One thought on “Our Baby Journey Week 9

  1. Woot! So exciting! Sorry you threw up. I threw up once each with my first two, mostly cuz I gagged on something. lol I can’t remember if I threw up w/Micah’s pregnancy. Anyhoo. Don’t forget to record the heartbeat on your phone (or video camera) so you can play it over & over! 🙂

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