On Being a Mom

Dom and Charlee

This weekend I will celebrate my  4th Mother’s day.  Dom was just 4 months old that first year. I knew very little about being a mom and admittedly know even less now two children later.

It’s amazing how time and children can strip away the knowledge you thought you had about being a parent.

Although my understanding of parenting has shrunk, my heart has most definitely grown.

I liken it to the Grinch at the end of the story. His heart grew three sizes when he experienced real love extended by those sweet little Who-Villagers.

My heart seems to grow every time I hear my son shout: “The sun is awake!”

my happy little boy

It stretches each moment as my koala baby girl clings tightly to me as she straddles my  left hip.


And it swells when my children laugh.

my little boy

A few weeks ago, I witnessed my son’s first exposure to bullying. My momma bear claws came out, my blood literally boiled and I wanted to cry. I actually did. I never knew that I could love so fiercely.

All this love growing within me.

beautiful Charlotte Leigh

Even as I type this my son has his arms wrapped around me in an awkward choke hold that translates in his 3 year old language as: “I love you mommy”  and it’s uncomfortable and breathing seems to be optional but my heart is growing, ever increasing in size this very moment.

Being a mom isn’t glamorous.

A shower in private and brushing my teeth first thing becomes a luxury I rarely enjoy. Fixing my hair, doing my make up, having clothes that aren’t wrinkled all on the same day? That’s a rare treat.

But I wouldn’t trade all the designer jeans, the most stunning hairstyles, or finely manicured nails for this love that grows ever larger, stronger and fiercer day by day.

Dominic Truth and Charlotte Leigh, you are the reason I bear the prestigious  title of Mommy and I love you big as the world!


Dom and Charlee


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