Memorials, Vacations and Car Wrecks…Oh My!

This past week was full of events. Here are some of the highlights:

  • On Saturday May 14th we celebrated my dad’s life with a memorial service. He passed away in November of last year but because I and my sister in law were both extremely pregnant and unable to travel, we decided to wait until May so we could all be present and truly honor my father’s life. It was an emotional day. We held the service in Palatka at the church my family has attended all of my life. I don’t know how but I read my father’s eulogy. My mom read Psalm 8 which was my dad’s favorite verse and many people shared fond memories they had of my dad. He was a much loved man. There are moments when I look at Dominic and realize that he will never know his Poppy. He will never hear him talk like Donald Duck or share time with him sitting on the front porch swing. Dom will also be spared seeing my father tormented as he was at times by his emotions. There is still a lot to be processed. I’ve journaled a lot about it. At this time these entries are private. Perhaps I’ll share them but right now is not the time. Nichole Nordeman has a song entitled, “Seasons”. One particular line of the song seems to surface every time I face a transition in my life: “Even now in death you open doors for life to enter”. These lyrics  are more significant in this time as we said farewell to my father shortly before welcoming into this world two precious baby boys: my dear nephew Joel Isaac Hudson born December 20, 2010 and our very own Dominic Truth born exactly one month later.

    Remembering Dad
  • Following the memorial, we began our first family vacation. Mom, my brother, his wife Tara and Joel, our Aunt Pat and Cousin Teri, and our little family all made our way to Flagler Beach to stay at a condo right on the beach. It was an amazing place!
View from the balcony

Because Joel and Dominic were born so closely together this was the first opportunity for the cousins to meet.

So you're my cousin? Nice to meet ya! (Dom is on the left, Joel is on the right)
They played together
And they slept together
They even lounged around together

We had a great time on the beach too. Dominic touched the ocean for the first time. He was pretty indifferent to the experience but he did look pretty cool in his hat and sunglasses.

Hanging out with Daddy
Our little water baby
Dominic really loved his time with his Granny
We had fun playing games and being with family
And Dom loved staying up late
Dom had the best time with his 'Aunt' Teri
And he loved his Great Aunt Pat!!
Loved being with my brother, his sweet wife and my little nephew!!
Happy Granny
We had a great time!!!

In addition to this being our first family vacation since Dominic’s arrival, it was also Dom’s first trip on an airplane. He did so well; multiple people commented that they didn’t even know he was on the plane. Here are some candids from our airplane adventures.

Waiting to board the plane
Looking out the window...clouds everywhere!
All worn out..he slept most of the flight home
  • We had a great trip with absolutely no hiccups. On our way home from the airport we had a really big scare. We came up on a 3 car accident. Marshall, being the safe driver that he is, was able to stop to avoid hitting the cars ahead. The car behind him was able to as well. But the truck behind her didn’t stop in time and ran into her. The force was so strong that she ran into us. Fortunately, I was in the back seat with Dominic so I didn’t see it coming. That was also a huge blessing because where Marshall had maneuvered the car, it would have been very dangerous for me to get out of the car. But as every mother knows it wouldn’t have stopped me from making sure my baby was okay. Since I was right beside him I saw that the car seat did not even budge. His car seat was rear facing so all it really did to him was wake him up to a crying mommy which made him cry. Out of six cars, we were the only vehicle to not only drive away without the assistance of a tow truck, the damage was so minimal,we had to search for it the next day. We’ll be in need of a new bumper says the initial insurance inspection but all three of us are perfectly fine. We were checked out by the chiropractor and we all looked fine. And for that I am so extremely thankful. God cradled our car.
So how’s that for  our first family vacation?  It was amazing. We came back refreshed, with a little sun on our cheeks, carrying lots of memories and pictures to be developed.
Life is beautiful!!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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