Making Beautiful Day Two: Family


We were getting ready to walk out the door. I had instructed to my eldest to get his shoes on. As I walked past him, I noticed that something was not quite right. His left eye looked swollen. I got closer. I just knew I had to be hallucinating.

No. Definitely some redness and eyelid droop-age.

In that moment I just started sobbing. We were supposed to be going to M.O.P.S. That stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. I had been living for this all week.

Unfortunately, I was pretty sure Dom had an eye infection (read:pink eye. Infection sounds less like you have bad hygiene, although germs are like glitter! Good luck with washing that off your hands).

I told Dom that we couldn’t go to M.O.P.S. and he started crying, too. I just held him and said over and over. “I am so sorry buddy. I really wanted to go as well”.

Fast forward a few hours and an eye infection is confirmed, antibiotic eye drops prescribed and we are on our way home. While waiting in the exam room, we read books and enjoyed time together just the two of us. With three children all vying for mommy’s attention, time with just one is a rarity. Who would have thought pink eye would have given me such a special moment with my child?

I had a professor who said quite often: people are not interruptions they are opportunities.

My little family provides quite a few opportunities.

God used a trip to the doctor (the third one in 2 weeks by the way) to remind me of this. 

Marshall, Dominic, Charlotte Leigh, baby Devin, and 10 fish all named after Octonaut characters and the 9 baby mollies that will be up for Molly Fish adoption soon. We are family. And whether plans go as originally intended or we end up in a puddle of tears in disappointment, we are together and we love each other. 

Life {with my family} is beautiful.

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Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

One thought on “Making Beautiful Day Two: Family

  1. “People are not interruptions. They are opportunities.” Man. I hope I can remember that one daily – multiple times a day, even – with my beautiful family too. I love them so much! Why is it so easy to forget? Thanks for sharing this one. I love the one-on-one time with my kids, too. It’s not often, but it is wonderful.

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