Making Beautiful Day Nine {Trust}

My son Dominic is a pretty phenomenal kid. I see a lot of me in him. I see a lot of his daddy in him. Some of that is good and some of that is not so good.

More than anything I hope that as Dom grows and matures that regardless of who he favors physically, what talents and abilities he has, and the type of personality that continues to emerge that he will love Jesus with everything that is within him.

Fortunately and unfortunately that is not up to me. I can be a good example. I can talk about God and read the Bible to him and in front of him. I can quote scriptures like “be kind and loving to each other and forgive as Jesus forgave you” until I am a proverbial shade of indigo but I can’t make Dom love Jesus. I can’t make him surrender his life to Christ. I can’t persuade any of my children to follow Christ.

I have to rely on the Holy Spirit to draw my children to Himself. I have to pray and depend on God to move their hearts. And I have to trust that as my husband and I raise our children that they witness first hand the goodness of God.

I have experienced His goodness. It’s why I’m convinced without reservation that no one can come to the father except through Christ. It’s why I know that I know that I know that every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We are teaching our children to pray. This has been such an incredibly neat experience for me. We started by praying for our children. After that we moved to encouraging our eldest to “repeat after me”. For a season Dom did not want to pray and so we regressed back to praying for him. And then we moved on to singing our prayers. And then suddenly, Dom is praying from the heart these beautiful prayers that he ‘thought up’ himself. And I find him tucked away praying silently for this or that. He’s asking to read specific Bible stories because they hold a special meaning to him. In small ways, he’s beginning to experience the goodness of God by communicating with his creator.

I’m amazed as I watch something begin to happen inside of him. Will he follow Christ? Oh how I pray he continues to own his faith and surrender his life completely to the calling God has on his life but I can’t control that.

As my mom prayed for me and my brother, I now pray for my precious children. I work hard to be that witness that compels them to Christ…but I must trust that the Holy Spirit will do his job. And of course He will… in a more amazing way than I could ever imagine.


Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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