Making Beautiful Day 8 {Purple}

I love my baby boy. When he smiles, his entire face smiles. I feel like even his eyes smile. His laugh is so joyful. And his toothy grin melts me.

His cry, however, is gut wrenching like fingernails on the chalkboard.

One day, when he was feeling the upset/angry emotion, he started crying. Has your child ever started crying and then got silent before crying even louder? Just like the gap between lightning and thunder the longer the gap the bigger and crazier the tears that follow will be when they start crying again. Well, my Devin had a really long gap…and as I now know…during that gap he was holding his breath….to the point that he almost passed out.

It was a scary moment. The time my child almost turned purple all because he was upset.

Reminds me of the oxygen mask speech we hear every time we fly. “In the event of an emergency, please secure your oxygen mask before taking care of your child or dependent.”

My sweet baby boy, who feels so extravagantly, was so focused on his anger that he forgot to breathe. Whoa!

But how often do we do the same thing? We get caught up in whatever seems more important that we fail to care for ourselves. To breathe in and out. To put that oxygen mask on before worrying about our to-do list.

Mommies, especially, are guilty of this “caring for others and if there happens to be any leftovers, steal a few moments for ourselves” way of living. Unfortunately we forget that we can’t give what we don’t have.

I’m learning to take care of me. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when I do take care of me, I can do a much better job of taking care of my family and showing love to those that mean the world to me.



Photo Credit: Captured Photography by Emily

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