Making Beautiful Day 7 {Love}

It’s been a rough weekend at the Parker Household.

I’ll spare you the details but lots of laundry, gatorade and cuddles are taking place as everyone except sweet little Devin has experienced food poisoning or a stomach bug or something!

Dom literally threw up on Marshall’s back. Twice.

Oops. I said I would spare you the details.

But I share this specific incidence because of what it illustrates to me. When Dom was born, we saw this beautiful human being who was absolutely perfect. 10 fingers. 10 toes. I checked at 3am the night he was born. I needed to be sure. Fast forward almost 5 years and we would not have been able to articulate how much we love that kid even when he loses his lunch all over us. Parenting can get very messy. Literally. We wouldn’t, however, change our plans to have kids based on the amount of spit up, dirty diapers, lost sleep and lost lunches we have and will continue to experience.

Love is deeper and greater than our messes. I’m thankful that God doesn’t wince when we lose our lunch on him. He takes us in his arms, cleans us up a bit and tells us that he loves us.



Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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