It’s Been Five Years

Dear friends and family,

On April 12th, Marshall and I celebrated 5 years of marriage! Our story is still young but the past five years have composed many exciting pages within. Our first year was spent traveling between Chicago, Illinois and Ocala, Florida. It was an exciting time for us as we were able to spend so much time together and in such a fun way. It was also a lonely time for us. Our friendships were limited and although we enjoyed this season we were thankful that our 1st anniversary brought with it moving boxes and the promise of no more work travel. We were headed to Texas! We quickly found a house to rent and an incredible church and started lasting friendships. We felt our roots dig deep in no time and can not imagine home any where other than right where we are today!

As we neared the end of our second year of marriage, we received the exciting news that we were expecting our first child. With a baby on the way, we began chipping  away at our debt even more furiously and just months before the arrival of our son, we were able to share the wonderful news that we were debt free! And then…our lives were forever changed with the arrival of Dominic Truth Parker born January 20th, 2011.

Our third year of marriage was spent doting over our precious baby boy. In that first year he went from a wiggly newborn to sitting up. From sitting up to rolling over. From rolling over and sitting up to crawling and before we knew it, Christmas was here and our not so little fella was toddling on two feet!

As we began year four of our journey, our desire remained the same: to continue to discover ways to keep our relationship a priority. We’ve found this to be a much more difficult task with children, but we’ve kept going. Marshall continues to pursue me and I still feel like the most doted upon woman on the planet.

And this past year was full of many wonderful changes. In July, we found out we were expecting again! Because I was so nauseated in the first trimester, I was not surprised at all when the tech told us we were having a girl. As Dom’s impending arrival inspired us to get out of debt, our daughter’s due date inspired another great milestone in our lives. The purchase of a home! We moved in to our new house a week after celebrating Dominic’s 2nd birthday. That same month, Marshall accepted a new position within his company. Along with it came a much deserved promotion. Then, on March 28th, just barely one month ago, our precious little Charlotte Leigh shot into our lives and melted our hearts with her beautiful eyes and thick dark hair.

Looking back we’ve had some setbacks and emotionally trying times but we really do still feel like newlyweds. Not every day, mind you, but most days we are able to find the beauty in our lives and cannot imagine how our lives were ever better apart or without our beautiful children. At an anniversary lunch, my husband shared with me a very special thought: In five years, we’ve had four cars, lived in 3 different houses, birthed 2 beautiful children and shared one wonderful lasting love.


We want to thank you for your part in our story. The many prayers. The great examples. The love and support. That is why we are still standing. So thank you and please don’t stop! : )


Life is Beautiful!

The Parkers

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