Intentional Summer Fun {Weeks 2 & 3}

The past two weeks have been fun times. Dom met more people on our trip to Florida than I thought his little self could possibly handle! But he did well. And when we got home, he and I both crashed!

Here are some highlights of our trip and our adventures this past week.

Our Monday flight out was perfect. Dominic did very well and everyone was so nice and helpful.

Waving at the Southwest Employees taking care of things with the airplane.

After our successful plane trip, our adventures led us to Enterprise for our car rental. I wish I could have gotten a picture of me and Dom. But here’s an idea of what I looked like while carrying Dominic’s carseat in a case that I was toting on my back like a backpack, I¬†pushed Dom in the stroller with a bag hooked to the stroller handle while pulling a roller bag behind me.

It was challenging but not too bad.

After we got our rental, we started the drive to Palatka to see Granny!

Granny sure was happy to see Dominic!

We spent the next few days with Granny and caught up with a few very special people.

Dom really liked Mr Robbie
Mrs Linda taught him a really cool trick. Those pockets actually have a purpose!
Dom had fun hanging out with Aunt Marsha too.

We had fun meeting new people but the best part of our visit with Granny was…GRANNY!!

Sidewalk Chalk
Book Time!

Before we knew it, our time with Granny was up and we were off to our next adventure; a quick stop in Ocala to see Auntie Char and Uncle Tom. We ate lunch a El Toreo’s and enjoyed catching up.

I love this couple ‘as big as the world!!’

Then we were off again and on our way to Lakeland. I had a dear dear friend getting married. I told her once that wherever she was I would be at her wedding.

We stayed with old friends Ann and Natalee and had a blast catching up with them and meeting Ann’s dog: Jasper and Natalee’s cat Satina.

Ann, Jasper and Dom

While we were in Lakeland, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to meet up with the Frye’s.

Some dear friends: Clyde and Bev Frye

Then the awaited moment! When my friend Jolene would say: “I do!!!”

Dom all snazzied up with his ‘date’ Ann

The wedding was beautiful! The colors were amazing, the music exquisite, the bride breath taking!

A gorgeous bride. A handsome groom. A beautiful love story.

Dom did pretty well at the reception. And I got a few minutes with the bride. Isn’t she beautiful!!

Mrs. Jolene Spence
The Beautiful Bride!

The next day, we packed our bags and drove to the airport. After returning the rental and struggling for about five minutes with our stuff, the Enterprise guy felt super sorry for us and helped me get our stuff to the Southwest counter.

Note to self: carry cash for the people with carts. It is sooooo worth it when you’re by yourself.

We got there pretty early but I thought that would be wise so Dominic could run around and wear himself out before we were confined to close quarters on the plane ride home.

So we played. A Lot.

Playtime in the airport

Remember that part about tiring the fella out for the plane ride?

Tired Monkey

Yep. He slept a huge majority of both flights and was an absolute sweetheart when he was awake.When we landed both Dominic and I were soooo ready to see Marshall.

Sooo happy to see Daddy

Our trip was wonderful but it did wear us both out more than I expected. Week 3 of intentional summer fun was far from intentional. We did have some fun times on the 4th of July. We walked in a parade and grilled out and played in our new blow up pool. The rest of the week is a blur really other than a fun trip to the mall playland. Lots of sleeping, laundry, Super Why! and recooperating from our trip. I plan to get back on track next week. I’m thinking a trip to the zoo is in order.

Pool time
At the mall playland

Well that was our Intentional Summer Fun Wrap Up. Hard to believe June is gone and July is well under way. How is your summer going so far?

Patty Parker

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