Getting Used to Life in Texas

Well other than the accent that shouldn’t be too difficult for me to acquire (I mean I did live in Georgia for 3 years!) there are quite a few things that are different about Texas. I present to you now a few of the interesting facts I’ve learned upon entering the Lone Star State.

  • Vehicles have to be inspected. Something to do with emissions. All I really understand about this process is that they want to make sure your car is in good working order, which is good, and when they determine that it is working well you get these two ugly stickers on the bottom left side of your windsheild…not so good.
  • Everyone is friendly and very talkative. Our neighbor Thomas has already given us the entire history of our little town known as The Colony. It was a part of Frisco but the police were so slow in responding to calls that this community decided to take matters into their own hands. Good for them…but now the road I live on is a speed trap. During the course of a day, I can hear those sirens go off about a dozens times.
  • Taxes are 8.25% which is 2 percent higher than Florida but 2.25% less than Chicago. Can’t complain.
  • I have decided that there is only one squirrel in our neighborhood.
  • Birds are everywhere, bigger, loud and fun! Of course Marshall loves this since he likes birds. I enjoy watching them hang out in our backyard. They are quite the entertainment.
  • Texas has alleys and it’s either a requirement of The Colony or the county of Denton that you have a garage. I won’t complain. The door opener is Marshall’s new favorite toy. Mine is the dishwasher by the way.

Welp. That is all for now. I’m really liking Texas. It is indeed a whole ‘nother country.

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

One thought on “Getting Used to Life in Texas

  1. Just visited your blog for the first time finally. Your taxes are 8.25%?! Wow. Glad you’re liking Texas so far. So… did the birds eat all the squirrels or something?

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