Getting Texas Certified

Today I went to get all our vehicle registration stuff taken care of. It is definitely a more time consuming process than it has ever been in the past. My first stop was GoodYear for a car inspection and  an emissions testing. Well 30 minutes and $40 later, we passed. I was given a sticker to place in my windshield letting the rest of the world know.

I was then on my way to get the vehicle registered. I filled out some paperwork and turned over a check for $180 and in turn received 2 license plates. One for the back..okay…sounds reasonable. And then one for the front. What? Huh? Wait a minute. My car doesn’t have a place for a front plate! I am then informed that I must take it to a dealership or body shop to have them drill holes into my baby so I can put a plate in the front.


I’m still taking this one in.

There’s not many possessions that I have that really matter to me, but I really like my car. I’ve tried to do what I can to keep it in great shape both internally and in outward appearance. This one took me aback.

Hence this blog. You’re actually witnessing me complaining and whining. Be glad you’re reading this and not hearing me vent.

Oh okay. You’re right. It’s not that big of a deal. I’ll get over it and if this is the most difficult thing I encounter while in Texas, I’m happy. We won’t be getting it taken care of anytime soon though. I think I’m gonna drag my heels on this one in the hopes that maybe the state will change it’s mind. Not likely you say? Well…one can hope.

No, actually I want to do some research to see if maybe there is a way to attach it to the grill. That way we won’t have to physically alter the car. Those words are like fingernails to the chalkboard, a punch in the gut, smelling and then being forced to eat very fishy seafood!!!

Well that’s all for now. Tune in next time for my adventure in getting my driver’s license. Should be a little less disheartening..unless of course my pic looks bad. : )

Embracing the Journey!!!


Patty Parker

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3 thoughts on “Getting Texas Certified

  1. I love your blog page. Will be following you in your adventures of living in Texas. I lived in El Paso many moons ago and I liked it there.

  2. It is sad news that Texas wants us to have 2 license plates. Maybe we can find a loophole, your car is too young for plastic surgery!

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