Five Minute What? for 31 Days?

I’ve unofficially participated off and off with a thing called Five Minute Friday for a few years now.

The short explanation of Five Minute Friday is a group of mostly women connecting on Fridays to write for five minutes on their blogs using  a one word prompt. No editing and only for five minutes. Ironically some of my better posts have come from this time limit and word prompt. We link up together at this blog and as a result we read about and meet other passionate writers with whom we wouldn’t normally have the honor of crossing blogging paths. It’s fun.

I say I’ve participated unofficially because I don’t always link up and I’ve never really used the Five Minute Friday button. This blog is my first attempt in adding it to my blog. We’ll see what happens when I hit publish.

Ah. But I digress. Now that you know what five minute friday is, how about a simple explanation for 31 days. Writing for 31 days on a certain theme. There’s a much better description here

Recently, I came across a blog about Five Minute Fridays and 31 Days here. This is my simplified explanation: do five minute friday every day in October. There you have it.

Well for those of you are on the sharp side, you’ll notice that I am starting this challenge a few days late. I mean…it is October 2nd. Such is the life of a mom. And that’s exactly what I plan to write about each day. The Mom Life 

Some days are easy. Some I barely get a shower in. But I won’t let this get in the way of this challenge : )

Today I have the time and I’ll probably knock out this post and October 1st, 2nd and maybe even get 3rd out of the way, too.

Hopefully you’ll be reading a lot more from me during the month. Enjoy the ride and if you’re interested in participating yourself, it’s not too late. Check out how here.

P.S. I’ll have to get my husband to add the button because alas it didn’t work : )

Start with {Day 1 – Move}

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