Dom’s Superhero Half Birthday Party

Devin was born 13 days before Dominic turned 4 years old. On top of that, Dominic came down with pneumonia, Charlotte had an ear infection and sweet Devin tested positive for RSV! Oh those were some bleak days for the Parkers.

Despite the fact that having a baby is a pretty good excuse to pass on a party I just could not let Dom turn 4 without a party.

Cue the half birthday idea. We could celebrate his birthday in July!

Dom is a huge fan of superheroes (as are most kids his age) so we went with a Superhero Theme. I made most of the decorations

I started by making some fun buildings. I used empty diaper and amazon boxes for the larger props and waffle boxes for the smaller ones.

boxes and black paper


I think they turned out pretty well!
cardboard buildings


Next I used a mask template to make foam superhero masks. I already had the foam. Pretty sure I bought the package from Walmart once upon a time. I found the foam stickers in the Target Dollar Aisle and the plastic string I purchased as a 4 pack from the Dollar Tree. It was a lot of tracing and cutting but worth it for Dom. Charlee helped make my example. I eventually had to cut her off. Her affinity for stickers can be a bit over the top.superhero mask template


mask supplies

What’s a Superhero without a sidekick? I got the popsicle sticks, googly eyes and even the glue from the Dollar Tree. I had tons of felt that I cut to size for the capes. We ended up using glue dots for adhesive though.

sidekick supplies


In addition to looking the part of superhero our trainee’s had to do some shield throwing Captain America Style. This was easy. We already had the red frisbee. A little construction paper to finish the shield and some plastic cups from the Dollar Tree. Done.
shield throwing practice


Here is where the little buildings made from waffle boxes came in handy. Grab a building and practice jumping!

building jumping practice


Picking a superhero name.
signing in


Friends arriving,guests arriving

Working on their superhero masks.working on the masks


Creating their sidekicks!sidekicks

Getting in their shield throwing practice.

shield throwing

Building jumping skills are a necessity for Superheroes!building jumping


Time for the final Superhero certification test. Climbing up a building, retrieving a bomb, going down a slide and running the bomb to the bomb diffusing station!obstacle course

bomb diffusing

more bombs

Dom had a pretty amazing group of Superheroes who came to celebrate his 4 1/2 birthday and they all passed their Superhero Training test!superheroes

We celebrated with ice cream. icecream

And before everyone left we gave them a Superhero Goody Bag.goody bags

We also had a photo opportunity using clouds we made for Dom’s room and a table cloth from…you guessed it: Dollar Tree!


super devThanks to a library Superhero day and multiple blog posts from which I snagged all my ideas, I think Dom and his superhero friends had a pretty fabulous party!


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