Dom is 5!

I’ve heard it said about life, more specifically in regards to raising children the cautionary advice: “Don’t Blink!”

Daddy loves Dominic
Daddy loves Dominic

Today we celebrate the glorious and long awaited arrival of our eldest which took place five years ago. How could it be five years? 1,826 days have passed since our little guy took his first breath and I saw him for the first time after 42 weeks, yes 42 weeks, of having him near to my heart.

Our new family
Our new family

He has not left my heart, however, he is as the saying goes just my heart living on the outside.

Our little Linus
Our little Linus

Even with 2 additional beautiful babies my heart has not divided but rather multiplied in size and affection for him. Dominic our gift “from the Lord” bestowed upon us the most honorable title of mommy and daddy.


dom for fairy tale dayHe has taught us the joy of embracing a new day. He has raised us as much as we have raised him. He is smart, passionate about life and so thought-ful. His memory reminds me of my own once upon a time before children. His laughter can sweeten even the most sour of moods.


Dominic Truth,

The one who seeks to understand…who treasures God’s word more than any other book on our shelf. Little man who challenges me daily to live my life to the full. We pray that you will continue to place your trust in Jesus. We pray that others will see Christ’s love radiating from within you and will fall in step with your exuberant quest to know Christ and make him known in the world.




wear your goggles

I am so thankful that God chose you to be our son, our first born, our introduction to parenting. May you always see goodness, crave learning, build others up and embrace life with a contagious enthusiasm.


Happy 5th Birthday Dom.

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy


blessings 2

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