Dear Dominic Truth

Dear Dominic Truth,

It is so hard to believe that you are 3 months old now. I think back to all the waiting we did anticipating your arrival. You sure did take your time. Although I didn’t care for the waiting, I’m loving the idea of playing up how your mommy and daddy waited 42 whole weeks for your arrival and how your dear sweet mother labored for over 48 hours and then pushed you out in 10 minutes!

But enough about your arrival. I wanted to tell you how proud I am of all of your accomplishments in the past 3 months. I have some great memories already.

January 20th– You were only a few hours old when I remembered how much I was looking forward to counting your fingers and toes. So I un-swaddled your sweet little body and began counting. One little finger, two little fingers, three little fingers, four little fingers…hmm. And so I began again. One, two, three, four…it took several times for me to finally count five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. Your mommy was exhausted!

January 21st– I couldn’t stop looking at you and just watching you breathe melted my heart.

January 22nd– The doctor tested your blood and we found out you were a bit jaundiced and so we had to put you under the lights. This broke mommy’s heart. I was still able to nurse you though. Those moments so close to you were very special. We also got to feed you more of mommy’s milk using a syringe to make sure you didn’t get dehydrated. Mommy and daddy were quite a team. Granny helped too!

2 days old

January 23rd– A busy day in your life. You looked mommy in the eyes for the first time and my heart melted. We also were able to bring you home. You cried the whole time as we walked down the hall, down the elevator and until we put you in the car. When we drove away, your crying stopped. You loved riding in the car from the beginning! That same day you discovered the ceiling. Daddy prayed for you and mommy’s heart melted again.

January 24th– We went to meet your doctor. On the way, we realized that we had forgotten your diaper bag. Good thing we went back for it. You went through two diapers before the doctor even saw you.

January 27th– You said goodbye to your sweet Granny. You had many wonderful moments in her lap while staring at the wall full of photos of your Mommy and Daddy. That same day, you met your Grandpa and Grandma Parker. You loved taking naps in your Grandma’s arms and hanging out with Grandpa.

Granny and Dominic Truth
Grandpa with Dom
Naptime with Grandma

January 31st– You met your Aunt Ruth and your cousin Micah. You had fun spending time with them. Your aunt Ruth could soothe your cries in an instant.

Aunt Ruth, Cousin Micah and The Dom!

February 6th– You loved being swaddled. We called you our little baby burrito.

February 8th– Mommy figured out it was a good idea to sleep while you slept.

February 12th– You fell in love with your swing. You even would talk to the animals on the mobile. And we celebrated your daddy’s birthday.

February 14th– Daddy went back to work and you and me were on our own. We did pretty well! While you slept in my arms, you smiled so big. Made me wonder what you were dreaming about. You also celebrated your first Valentine’s Day with Mommy and Daddy.

February 15th– We gave you a bath and you. did. not. like it.

February 17th– At four weeks old you could lift your head briefly while on your tummy. You had rolled over twice from tummy to back, started smiling, and laughed once. You could hold small items and bat at toys. That night we did an iChat with Granny, and you met your Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Tara and your cousin Joel for the first time.

February 18th- You played with your first toy. A wrist rattle. We also took you for your first walk. Mommy carried you in the Moby wrap. You slept the whole time.

February 19th– We took you to Wal-Mart and everyone stopped us to admire you. One lady spoke to us in Spanish. Mommy believes she said that you were very beautiful. That it was cold outside. And that you needed a hat!

February 20th– On your one month birthday, we took you to church for the first time. You did so great and it was wonderful to be back.

February 22nd– You helped mommy vacuum. Well you hung out in my sling and slept while I did the work.

February 24th– You started waking up in the middle of the night. You weren’t upset. You were really happy and alert. So mommy started watching a lot of movies in the middle of the night.

February 26th– You started laughing in your sleep. It was so precious to watch you with your beautiful smile and contagious laugh.

March 2nd– You started kicking your socks off.

One sock off

March 3rdРMommy successfully cooked a meal with you in her arms. It was messy but very yummy.  You also helped me with the laundry.

Helping Mommy Fold

March 9th– You hung out with Daddy so mommy could get some much needed rest. Daddy took you on an adventure to Target and you brought me Starbucks. That night Daddy put you to bed all by himself for the first time!

March 13th– We began a tradition of Sunday afternoon naps. You gladly complied.

March 16th– At 8 weeks, you went to your first storytime at the library. You made some new friends and met Miss Melanie!

March 17th– You celebrated your first St Patty’s Day!

It's me first St Patty's Day

March 19th– Mommy watched you and daddy sleep and her heart melted again with love for you and for your daddy.

March 20th– You turned 2 months old!

March 22nd– You had your 2 month check up. You weighed 11lbs 12 oz and measured 23 and a quarter inch long. You got your shots and cried. Mommy cried too. You did really well but Mommy sure was sad to hear your little cry.

March 23rd– You started waking up at 4 in the morning happy and alert and jabbering away. I have no doubt you will be a great speaker one of these days. What with all this practice.

March 25th– Your hair started growing back in. I had nicknamed you my receding hairline baby.

March 30th– Mommy decided that batteries for all your toys was way more important than even diapers especially for your swing.

March 31st– You slept for 8 hours straight! At 5 am you began your daily speech. We met Daddy for lunch and you met some of his co-workers.

April 4th– Mommy put away your last newborn outfit. You grew out of them way. too. fast.

April 5th– You started loving naps in your bouncy seat along with your magic blanket.

Our little Linus

April 6th– I put you in your bed happy and awake. You fell asleep all by yourself 10 minutes later and slept through the night! You did this for one week exactly. Then you decided you didn’t much care for the whole sleeping through the night thing.

April 9th– You participated in your first 5k with mommy. The Seton Soles Run. Our time was 58 minutes.

April 10th– We went to Beni Hana for Hibachi and you were mesmerized by the chef’s amazing cooking tricks.

April 11th– We went to Dallas World Aquarium. You saw monkeys, penguins, flamingoes and… some fish.

April 12th– You had your first babysitter, David & Stacy, and play date, Phoenix while Mommy and Daddy celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary.

Funtimes with the Rickey's

April 14th– You decided to roll over again. You did it twice and then decided you were done with that trick again.

April 16th– Your first photo shoot. You did so well. The photographer didn’t have to work hard at all to get you to smile!

April 18th– You went to bed at 7:30 and woke up at 7am! There was a quick snack at 3 am but mommy was very happy about this. With very few exceptions, you’ve been following a similar routine ever since. About this time we moved you to your room. You did great. So did Mommy and Daddy!

Good morning sunshine!

April 19th– Although you’ve been babbling since the day you were born, you started exercising your vocal chords in various octaves and volumes leading to mommy’s nickname for you: Baby Tarzan

April 20th– We celebrated three of the most wonderful months with you in our lives.

We love you Dominic Truth Parker!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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