Dear Dominic Truth {months 4 & 5}

Dear Dominic Truth,

Are you really 5 months old today? Can it really be? This leg of our adventure is flying by a bit too quickly for mommy and daddy. As we look back on all the wonderful milestones we’ve witnessed in your short life we realize how truly blessed we are to have you in our lives.

So. A look back on the past 2 months.

On April 23rd, you shocked mommy by standing up in your bouncy seat!

On April 24th, you went to your first Easter Sunrise Service and then onto Church. When we made it home you got your Easter Basket from your Granny. She gave you bubbles, sunglasses and a really cool book by Sesame Street called The Healthy Monster’s Triathlon.

On April 26th, you laughed for the first time. It was thrilling!

On April 27th, you had the best dream. You told me all about it and apparently the color blue played a significant role.

The last weekend in April we went on an overnight adventure to cheer Daddy on in the MS 150 Cycling Event. You did really well especially since Saturday was a REALLY HOT DAY and Sunday was a REALLY COLD DAY!
The month of May had many firsts.
On May 2nd I read ‘Goodnight Moon” to you for the millionth time and yet that night I believe you truly enjoyed it for the first time.
On May 4th, you discovered yourself in the mirror.
On May 6th, you watched your very first youtube video. It was Cookie Monster in “C is for Cookie”. You loved it.
On May 8th, we celebrated Mommy’s first Mother’s day which would not be possible without you. You and daddy brought mommy donuts for breakfast, then we went to church and afterwards you took Mommy out to McCallister’s for lunch. You gave me the sweetest picture frame with a picture of you inside and you even signed your own card!
On May 12th, you decided to take your bouncy seat to the next level by kicking your toys instead of batting them. You also started sighing which was THE. SWEETEST. SOUND.
On May 13th, you went on your first plane ride and you did amazing! You also met your uncle Jimmy and Aunt Tara and Cousin Joel!!
On May 14th, we celebrated and remembered your Poppy’s life. Although he never met you, he loved you very much.
On May 15th, you went to Sonny’s for the first time. You slept through the whole experience.
On May 16th, you found your toes for the first time! You also witnessed one of the final launches of the space shuttle.
On May 18th, you experienced the ocean for the first time.
That week, you enjoyed lots of fun times with your granny who loves you very very much.
On May 19th, we were in a 6 car collision on the way home from the airport. Thankfully our bumper was the only thing damaged and your car seat kept you safe. God kept us all safe that night.
On May 20th, you turned 4 months old and mommy could hardly believe it.
Although you had already ‘found’ your thumb, on May 23rd you learned to truly enjoy your thumb.
On May 25th, you really fell in love with your feet or feetsies as we call them.
On May 26th, we started watching Sesame Street together. Your favorite characters were and still are Cookie Monster (just like Mommy) and Elmo.
On May 27th, you had your 4 month appointment. You weighed 14lbs 5oz, and measured 24 3/4 inches long. Dr. Berkowitz said you looked great and you did really well with your shots.
On May 29th, you tried rice cereal for the first time. You liked it but we think you liked holding the spoon better.
On May 21st, we dedicated our home and family to the Lord. We made a covenant with God to make Christ famous to you sweet baby boy.
On May 30th, we went to the third annual pool party at the Smith’s. You had fun in the water and looked super cool in your shades.
During the month of June, we thought you were teething and figured out that thankfully you were not. You really started enjoying bathtime too which made mommy and daddy so happy to see you splashing in the water and playing with your toys. You also mastered ‘sputtering’ and helped mommy grow flowers.
On June 2nd, you learned the art of conveniently dropping your toys. It was an experiment of sorts, I’m sure, to see if mommy would pick them up for you.
On June 3rd you started sitting up with some assistance.
On June 4th you woke up in the middle of the night for the first time in a really long time. We were total zombies the next day. Thanks kiddo : )
On June 8th, we went to visit your daddy  at work and the ladies came a running to see your cute little face.
On June 10th, we really thought you were going to roll over from back to front. We could see the wheels in your mind turning and you came close many times but alas it was not to be so on this day. Soon though!
On June 13th we made a sling for Daddy to use while he worked so you could hang out with him.
In June we started a fun habit of waiting for daddy on the fronts steps. It really thrills me to see your face light up when you see your dad.
On June 18th, we discovered that both you and your cousin Joel enjoy listening to the Gaither’s.
You also FINALLY noticed bubbles. This made mommy very happy.
On June 19th, we celebrated your Daddy on Father’s Day. We brought him coffee and donuts and gave him a really cool LEGO set. We had lunch with your friend Phoenix and her mommy and daddy and the Smiths and Jamie. Later we watched Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back. Daddy says it was an awesome father’s day.
And today you turn 5 months old. We love you more than we did yesterday. We will love you more tomorrow than we do today. You are, and always will be, our little prince.
Mom and Dad

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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