Date Night

I love date night. Although Marshall and I have only been married for 15 months and we spend almost all our time with each other and have plenty of opportunities to date each other daily, there is just something about designated time for us with the intention of growing in our relationship with one another that makes date night one of my most anticipated weekly activities. We have done everything from dress up dinners to baseball games to games nights to movies nights to just sitting and talking and enjoying each other’s presence.

Perhaps its because we were not childhood sweethearts or maybe it’s because we didn’t get married until we were almost 30 or maybe everyone feels this way, but there is just something so important to both of us about knowing everything we can about the other and wanting to make this thing called marriage really work.

We read part of a book each week during our date time together. We just finished the First Five Years by Bill and Pam Farrel. It was an amazing resource. Now we are onto a great book called Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Leman which is really awesome.  We highly recommend both to MARRIED people.

Anyway, below are some pics from one of our most recent adventures to Wal-Mart. Life is beautiful!!!

Date night at Wal-Mart
Date night at Wal-Mart
The Game Aisle
The Game Aisle

We bought Chinese Checkers. It was so much fun. I beat Marshall 3 times!

Shopping for a hose
Shopping for garden supplies

And we bought a garden hose!

Date night, whatever it involves, is so much fun because we are doing life together.

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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