Things I Don’t Want to Forget {Installment 3}


Her sweet manners. She says thank you so naturally.


His encouragement. He is always the first to compliment my hair or outfit.
That he climbs on EVERYTHING! Tables, counters, chairs…you name it.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way


Her sweet repeat-after-me prayers that she must do two or three times before I can close the door for bedtime.
His giving nature. “Mommy I want to give this toy away”.
His desire for big boy status. If big brother or sister does it, he wants to do it too.
Her sweet singing voice.
That he loves to help with the dishes.
That baby boy loves to climb on the couch with his brother and sister while they watch tv…not because he’s interested in the program but because he feels like a big boy when he does it.
Her refusal to nap that turns into very interesting sleeping positions when she passes out.
His multimedia art and her abstract art.
That she knows all her colors and shapes and can count items on a page.
image1 (1)
His love of iPhone photography.
His love for balls.
Reading classics like The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe with him and then watching the movie.
IMG_3533 (2016-06-05T19_18_15.547)
How grown up she has become.
Their joy.
Those sweet moments when they play well together.
And when they don’t


photo credit Captured by Emily
photo credit Wonderlove Photography
IMG_7075 (1)
photo credit Wonderlove Photography


What about you? What precious quirk or memory of your child do you want to treasure always? Join the conversation by commenting below.

Not Your Typical Father’s Day Post

It’s been a bittersweet exercise to thumb through my Facebook and Instagram feed today. It’s Father’s Day; a day set aside to honor dads.

Scrolling through the posts, I see the thank you’s to amazing fathers. I witness the blessings and joy these fathers and grandfathers are to their children and grandchildren.

I also see the missing my dad posts. Some are fresh hurts, others said goodbye to their father many, many years ago yet the pain and loss are still very real.

I see another type of post. It is sandwiched between the best dad ever and the I miss my dad terribly. It is unseen because it is left un-said. Not posted. Not voiced.

There are those who have longed for years to be called daddy and have not been able to hear those glorious words spoken from the lips of their very own offspring.

There are others silently posting: I wish I had a dad worthy of this holiday. Whether living or passed on, they wish that they could with conviction say that they love their dad or miss their dad terribly. But the words fail because their dads failed.

It’s a tough spot…father’s day. Celebrating, and rightfully so, those who have fathered well. They’ve made mistakes, of course, but at the end of the day they have loved and lived well the role of father. Today is my sixth father’s day without a father. It is also my sixth opportunity to honor the father, the amazing daddy, that my husband has become!

There’s a part of me that dreads every Father’s day. Each year I grieve a loss. Like a tormented King Saul, my father struggled and fought to be a good man and although he tried, my dad sadly failed more than he triumphed at being the daddy my family needed. Most of my memories are filled with proof he failed. There are a few sweet moments I try to hold onto wishing they would wash away the painful recollections. Sometimes my intellect wins out and I can see and name the psychological demons that so tormented my dad’s mind. In rare moments of grace, I can sympathize and even applaud his fight to overcome his own abuse-filled childhood. In many ways he did overcome. But not completely. Although hurting people hurt people, that doesn’t mean that I deserved to be hurt and that is what stays with me the most.

Amidst my dad’s bi-polar tendencies, my dad lived with epilepsy. My earliest childhood memory involves a thanksgiving gone awry because my dad had a seizure just before we prayed over our meal. Throughout my childhood, seizures and black-outs were a constant and often daily occurrence. I recall one weekend while home from college sitting with my dad on the front porch. I took a chance and began pouring my heart out to my dad. I shared experiences from school, dreams I had for the future, and ideas I was chewing on. One minute he was smiling and engaged, the next his eyes had a distant look. In that moment I knew his body was present but his mind was elsewhere. The epilepsy had taken over. My shoulder’s slumped and my heart sunk. In a moment of vulnerability my words fell on the deaf ears of a man experiencing a mild seizure. As I sat there, stunned, waiting for my dad to come to, I felt God speak to my heart.  “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” My dad had left me but my Heavenly Father was right there.

A dear friend texted me today because she understands what it’s like to scan the card aisle in desperate search of a father’s day card that doesn’t cause too much pain to sign and deliver. She shared a beautiful scripture passage and left me with a great reminder. She reminded me of the amazing fathers that both our children have.

Oh the redemptive work of Jesus!

I have a choice to make. I can wallow in what I’ve lost or rejoice in what I gained on the day our first child was born. I choose to rejoice.


Although I will likely struggle on days like today for like…always, I am thankful for the father’s love. I do not have many fond memories of my dad to look back on but I witness daily the richness and blessings of a daddy who loves his children oh so much. The Lord redeems my childhood in every hug, every smile and every word of affirmation my husband speaks over our children. It’s a beautiful thing.



finished product

I can’t speak to your pain or joy….

But I will try anyway:

If you have a wonderful father, I rejoice with you. You are so blessed and I am very thankful you have this gift!

If your wonderful father is no longer living, may he live on in your laugh, in your smile, in your child’s determination or sense of humor.

If you have experienced the loss of a child or never had the opportunity to hear those sweet words: Happy Father’s Day from the lips of your child, may the God of all comfort give you peace.

If your relationship with your child is strained, may God restore it.

If your father is not, or was not, what you hoped he should be, may God redeem your story through the miraculous transformation of your father or through the provision of men in your life who honor you as a child worthy of love.

“See what amazing love the Father has given us! Because of it, we are called children of God. And that’s what we really are!” 1 John 3:1a

Wonderfully Made {A Tea Party}

It started as an idea for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. A tea party. Tea for Two. So clever, I thought. As I started planning this special day for my little girl, however,  I realized I wanted it to be more than just a cleverly themed birthday party. I wanted my daughter and her friends to grow up with tea parties and all that these lovely events represent. Last year, Charlee and a few of her little friends joined her for tea in our backyard. (You can read all about that adventure here.) It really was a lovely day and confirmed my desire to keep this thing going year after year.

charlee is two
Throw Back: Charlee’s 2 year old tea party

The tea part of the party seemed easy enough but how could I make this time together in beautiful dresses, drinking lemonade and eating pastries more significant. I was reminded of a very beautiful passage in Psalms. Psalm 139:13-14.


That was it! I wanted every mommy and sweet little lady to know how wonderful they were. From the tops of the their beautiful bow topped heads to the tips of their Sunday best shoes….they are wonderful.

Inspired by a theme, Charlee and I invited some very precious women and their daughters to join us on the first weekend of June for our 2nd annual tea party.

IMG_3471 (2016-06-05T20_48_35.855)

We played a teapot version of the game hot potato. As the music played, the girls passed a sweet little pink teapot. When the music stopped the person holding the teapot received some very special encouragement.

IMG_3495 (2016-06-05T20_11_58.265)

When it landed in the hands of a mommy, her sweet precious daughter wrapped her arms around her neck said, “I love you mommy!” When it stopped in the possession of a sweet little lady, she heard some of the most precious words from her mommy.


I heard: “I love how girly you are.”


IMG_3479 (2016-06-05T20_36_06.462)

“I love your sense of humor.”


IMG_3489 (2016-06-05T20_20_11.547)

I heard: “You are brave.”


IMG_3497 (2016-06-05T20_09_20.915)

“You are friendly.”


IMG_3506 (2016-06-05T20_01_05.993)

“You are so content and a joy to behold.”


IMG_3487 (2016-06-05T20_22_59.097)

“You are a very determined little lady and quite the artist.”


I will always treasure these beautiful transactions of words.

IMG_3514 (2016-06-05T19_48_58.622)

We enjoyed delightful yummies including fruit, pastries, tea sandwiches….all compliments of Kroger. (I have three kids…no time for homemade in this season!)

IMG_3513 (2016-06-05T19_50_12.265)

I shared with the mommies the history of some of my teacups and teapots that I’ve collected over the years. Some were acquired as gifts. Others I found at thrift shops or even the dollar tree.

IMG_3517 (2016-06-05T19_44_47.152)

Despite where they came from, they all hold value because they are mine. I reminded these precious women, that their creator values them. No matter the price tag placed on them by society, they are priceless because they are His.

Aren’t they adorable!?!

The set up….

IMG_3519 (2016-06-05T19_41_49.843)


IMG_3532 (2016-06-05T19_19_52.254)
What’s a tea party without a tea cart : )


IMG_3458 (2016-06-05T21_06_44.954)
IMG_3461 (2016-06-05T21_01_52.645)


IMG_3466 (2016-06-05T20_53_21.502)
IMG_3533 (2016-06-05T19_18_15.547)

We gave each precious little girl a bracelet. On one side it says WONDERFUL. On the other side is the scripture reference: Psalm 139:14 “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

IMG_3541 (2016-06-05T19_08_36.513)

That’s my prayer for these mommies and their precious daughters.


Charlee loved hosting all her little friends and can’t wait until next year. I was only brave enough to invite the girls in our lifegroup and her friends who came to the tea party last year. Next year I’ll be braver and invite more sweet friends. And maybe the theme will be BRAVE. : )