Our Tiny House Experience or How I Flooded the House {Part Two}


Its been nearly 2 months since we had our lovely bathtub flooding mistake. The renovations and repairs are complete but a home that feels like home is still in the making. As I look at the picture below I am thankful the crazy sleeping arrangements are behind us. We’ve all returned to our beds and are sleeping much more peacefully. Even Devin seems to get the idea that sleeping through the night is a good idea.



Although we have lots more to do to get to a place where I am happy with our home. {Wait a minute I think I felt that way before everything happened} I am so pleased with the improvements that came as a result of the water damage!

For starters, check out these beautiful floors! They are in Marshall’s office and the foyer. I hope one of these days to have this flooring in the living room as well. floors


Insurance companies are interesting entities. As a result of the bathtub overflowing, we were approved to make a lot of repairs but other than drying out the cabinets in the bathroom, there were no other repairs approved IN the bathroom. Ironic, right?! We did, however get to touch up the paint , replace carpet padding and clean carpets in the kids rooms, completely paint the hallway, our foyer, and Marshall’s office in addition to replacing the flooring in the foyer/office area. I’ll take it!

Below is the color palette we chose.

color choices

Marshall’s office was already that pretty green but painting the foyer walls blue was a bold step for me. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love blue but I was still nervous about putting this color up. And…I love it!
new colors

Here’s the kid’s rooms paint touched up. And the carpets freshly cleaned.

This is Dom’s room (I totally flaked on taking pictures with my camera so all I have are phone pics)
boy room

Here’s Charlotte’s room. girl room

Last night we finally started putting pictures up on the walls. Here’s a few in Marshall’s office.
mars office

Here’s some decor we put up in the foyer area.


My thoughts right now:

The process of getting the house in order sure is taking longer than I could have expected. There are pockets of our home that still feel in huge disarray. It is not all because of the flooding but that definitely compounded things. We still have so much stuff. How do we have so much? Kids is the short answer. The amount of stuff they require and accumulate is insane.

Although it is taking a long time to get back to where I’d like to be, I am so thankful for the places of beauty we do have.

And I am even more thankful for my family. This process brought us closer together (both literally and figuratively). I’m still not laughing about it but many of the memories made, as a result, were great blessings that we’d never have experienced otherwise.

Life is Beautiful!


Our “Tiny House” Experience or How I Flooded Our Home {Part One}

Once upon a time, in a town called Plano, there lived a mommy, a daddy, three kids and a few fish. On one particular day, the mommy was trying to get some things taken care of while the baby slept, the daddy was at work and the two older children were in summer care. In her haste to clean, she left the bathtub running. While multi-tasking as most mothers do, the baby cried, laundry was changed over and the mommy decided to listen to the sermon from Sunday that she had missed. 45 minutes later, this mommy headed towards the door to go pick up her two older children only to see a slosh of water coming from the bathroom flowing into the main foyer, her husbands office, the children’s bedrooms and, as she found out later, generously watering the front of the house.

This once upon a time was our reality a month ago. As a result, our house was a disaster zone.

After 5 days of fans and dehydrators and pulling up damaged floors and tearing out ruined drywall. We were able to return to our home…that now looked like this. I put a rug down both for safety and to make it feel at least a little like a home.
carpet covering ruined floors


Thankfully my mistake was covered sans deductible by our house insurance but we had to live through a heck of a renovation process. Below is what we had to remove from two bedroom closets, a linen closet and a game closet.IMG_1282




The kids having fun in our crazy.


We moved the kids beds to the playroom during the renovation. Oh. My. Word. Was that tough. Every one slept wherever seemed to work in that moment. Devin slept in Charlee’s bed some. Both the older kids slept in our bed either for naps or as a result of rogue bed time behavior. I slept next to Devin on his crib mattress on the floor in our bedroom a few times. Even Marshall slept for a bit on Charlee’s bed!IMG_1257

Here’s more of the crazy. IMG_1270


In the midst of all the insanity we tried really hard to find some new normal. Here’s our attempt at making the living room functional despite the decrease in space due to stuff everywhere.


And our Nursery that I likened to Wendy’s in Peter Pan.


We went from a nearly 2,000 square foot home to less than half of that in usable, livable space. Granted I know people live in less on a regular basis but when you’ve been used to a larger amount of space and your children are USED TO a routine and their own room….well, it was rough on us Parkers!

Here is what I learned from this part of the experience:
The night this all happened our Community Group (from our church) dropped what they were doing and helped us. It’s hard to make a mistake, especially when it is a silly expensive mistake but our friends that are like family embraced the opportunity to love us in our literal mess. And it felt good. It was lesson worth learning.


Stay tuned for more pics of the renovation process and how the house looks now and all the lessons we’ve learned along the way. 

Our Summer Staycation!


This July both due to lots of doctor bills (we had a baby this year after all) and unexpected home repairs we decided  to do a StayCation in lieu of a traditional vacation.

Here’s a glimpse into our week at home.

We played in our pool. Not big but the kids loved it. At one point we put the hose on the slide and the kids LOVED going down the ‘water slide’!

Pool time

We also tackled a DIY night stand project. Here’s Dom assisting by sorting the wood by size.Building project

Charlee helped too. Sorting the wood

Devin just looked cute and smiled a lot. baby

baby smiling


Of course you need the proper protection for these extensive DIY projects!

wear your goggles


Dom helped hold the wood in place as Marshall put the screws in.helping build the shelf

One of the night stands complete. Marshall built and stained two for our bedroom. They are gorgeous and getting a lot of good use!finished product


We went to a local pool. Never mind that we were in the pool 45 minutes and took 45 minutes to get everyone dressed and back to the car. We made it to the pool! Afterwards, we went to the park for a picnic lunch. picnic

Devin really enjoyed it.sleepy baby


Then we flew kites. Dom had an Ironman kite.kite flying

kite flying 2

kite flying 3

Charlee had a Hello Kitty Kite.hello kitty kite

During our staycation we had fun doing playdough, crafts and watching movies.playdough

playdough 2

Here’s our 4th of July Fireworks crafts in process. 4th of july crafts

july crafts

It was a wonderful blessing to be with family. little dev

little mozart dev

Hotels and amusement parks are great but getting rest and surrounding yourself with family…that’s what matters no matter the location. life is beautiful