There's No Prayer Leader in Kindergarten

There’s No Prayer Leader in Kindergarten

Dear Dominic Truth,

Not too long ago, you shared with me that your friend Blake told you, “There’s no prayer leader in Kindergarten”. Because you have been raised in a Christ-centered home, attended a Christian Preschool , been a part of church your entire 5 years of life, and have been surrounded almost exclusively by Christ-followers, I can understand your surprise at learning this.

At least that was my first response. But then, being the deep overthinker that mommy is, I began to contemplate what that really means for you.

There’s no prayer leader in kindergarten.

  • No one inviting you to start your day at school in prayer.
  • No one reminding you to fold your hands and bow your head to give thanks to God for your snack and lunch.
  • No Bible lesson to instruct you to be kind and loving. Or brave. Or honest.
  • No songs to reinforce that God will “strengthen you and help you”.
  • No teachers praising you for demonstrating Christ-like attributes. No teachers nurturing you with God’s word when your choices are not the wisest.

No prayer leader in kindergarten? I both shudder with fear and squeal with delight at the thought!

For now it really begins.

  • You will have to decide for yourself whether you will start your day at school with prayer.
  • You must decide for yourself to bow your head and give thanks for your snack and lunch.
  • It is up to you to lean on the stories from home and lessons from Church and decide for yourself to be kind and loving to everyone because that is what Christ instructs.
  • You will have to choose to carry a song of the goodness of God in your heart which you will, no doubt, share with your teacher and classmates.
  • You will have to rely on the Holy Spirit to make the right choice, the Christ honoring choice.
  • You’ll have to listen carefully to the quiet voice of God as he shapes you through your decisions. You’ll have to decide for yourself to confess when you have done wrong even if no one else notices.

No prayer leader in kindergarten? I disagree.

Perhaps, there will be no slot on the class job chart that holds this title. However, I believe and pray fervently that God will raise up a prayer leader all the same.

  • I pray you will own your faith.
  • When you cross paths with those, who like you, have a Biblical foundation, may you be the encouragement they need to live out what they know to be true even though no sticker will be placed on the reward chart for representing Christ.
  • When you come face to face with those who do not know Jesus….when you are confronted with questions of whether or not God truly exists…when you are faced with hard questions like: “Why is Jesus the only way?”…I pray you will wrestle through these questions and find the answers…find the truth in God’s word.
  • May you lead your friends to Christ.
  • May the years to come raise up a mighty prayer leader. One who will proclaim that he belongs to God and, regardless of religious opinions or cultural norms, lives out the truth of Jesus Christ in his life.

No prayer leader in kindergarten? Why, Dom, don’t you know that’s you?!

YOU are the prayer leader your kindergarten class needs. You’ve got this! And all your teachers and mentors past, present and even future will be cheering you on as you lead not only your kindergarten friends but everyone with whom you have contact because you are a prayer leader



Dom’s Life Verse

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6

Dom is 5!

I’ve heard it said about life, more specifically in regards to raising children the cautionary advice: “Don’t Blink!”

Daddy loves Dominic
Daddy loves Dominic

Today we celebrate the glorious and long awaited arrival of our eldest which took place five years ago. How could it be five years? 1,826 days have passed since our little guy took his first breath and I saw him for the first time after 42 weeks, yes 42 weeks, of having him near to my heart.

Our new family
Our new family

He has not left my heart, however, he is as the saying goes just my heart living on the outside.

Our little Linus
Our little Linus

Even with 2 additional beautiful babies my heart has not divided but rather multiplied in size and affection for him. Dominic our gift “from the Lord” bestowed upon us the most honorable title of mommy and daddy.


dom for fairy tale dayHe has taught us the joy of embracing a new day. He has raised us as much as we have raised him. He is smart, passionate about life and so thought-ful. His memory reminds me of my own once upon a time before children. His laughter can sweeten even the most sour of moods.


Dominic Truth,

The one who seeks to understand…who treasures God’s word more than any other book on our shelf. Little man who challenges me daily to live my life to the full. We pray that you will continue to place your trust in Jesus. We pray that others will see Christ’s love radiating from within you and will fall in step with your exuberant quest to know Christ and make him known in the world.




wear your goggles

I am so thankful that God chose you to be our son, our first born, our introduction to parenting. May you always see goodness, crave learning, build others up and embrace life with a contagious enthusiasm.


Happy 5th Birthday Dom.

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy


blessings 2

Dear Dominic Truth {dedication prayer}

On May 29th of this year, we dedicated our home and family to the Lord. We committed to raise Dominic with the love of the Lord and to do our absolute best to make Christ famous to our dear child. Here is our letter to him that sits on his bookshelf as a reminder to us all.

Dear Dominic Truth,

You came into our world on January 20, 2011 but we’ve been praying for you and calling you by name for quite some time now. Your name Dominic, means from the Lord, and you are indeed our very special gift from above. Your middle name, though unique, is our prayer for your life. That you would know the truth and proclaim the truth. In many ways, this world in which you will grow up is confused and has allowed the solid lines of truth to be blurred. But we pray you will know that Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the very life that leads to our Heavenly Father. We pray that there will be no compromise in your life and the Christ standard of which you will uphold will point others to the father.


Mom and Dad