Baby Journey: Welcome to the New Norm

Marshall and I are planners. We think things through. Don’t believe me? We have a budget meeting every month. Yes. Every month without fail. We plan how many times we are going to eat out. We plan what we will buy that month. We plan our date nights. Yes. We. Are. Nerds.

And I do a food calendar every month. Think elementary school menu and you can probably get a good visual of my food calendar. It started as a newlywed thing. I knew one of my roles as a housewife would be to make sure that we ate. Unfortunately the kitchen had always scared me. Because I didn’t even know where to begin in planning a meal, I got the brilliant idea to make a monthly  food calendar so IT could tell me what to prepare. Best idea for our marriage ever!! I’m not so scared in the kitchen now. I even have meals that make my husband’s mouth water at the very mention of them. But I still create a new menu each month complete with new recipes to try. But this is all for another blog post.

The point is:

We. Are. Planners.

So then I get pregnant, which we did plan by the way. Well… as much as one can plan to get pregnant.

Anyway, that is when SO many things changed.

Being the Suzy Homemaker that I’ve come to embrace, these changes were hard. I felt sick and couldn’t make dinner and when I did it was gross 10 minutes later. The laundry piled up. I started looking unkempt and my poor husband started going to work in wrinkled clothing. Eating out became a nightly affair instead of the planned 3 or 4 meals a month. And our house. Our always neat, just in case company popped in unexpected-like, house turned into a I hope our landlord doesn’t pop in today home.

Dreadful. Especially for a perfectionist like me.

But we lived with it. For a while.

Then, one day I woke up. And I saw the house. I braved entry into our kitchen and I looked in our fridge. Scary.

I took a hard look at our bathrooms and I viewed our bedroom with unmade bed and piles of dirty laundry covering our floor.

And I stepped inside our disheveled living room.

And. I. Breathed.

It wasn’t good. But it wasn’t bad.

So I started a load of laundry. And loaded the dishwasher. I made our bed and vacuumed the floor.

The next day I tackled the living room. And another load of laundry.

This trend has been continuing for about a month now. It is much cleaner than it was but there is still so much more to do before I feel it is presentable again.

It’s hard seeing my house in chaos. But let’s be serious. With a baby on the way, the appearance of my house probably won’t be to be my liking for many years.

And I’m okay with that.

Because I am embracing the new norm. Marshall and I are still planners. Nerds to the very core. Just now our new-normal includes a house that isn’t spotless. A sink that doesn’t sparkle.  Food choices that are not always the wisest. And a budget that isn’t always followed.

But it’s okay.

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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