Baby Journey: Weeks 21-23

I’m not sure what is more shocking:

1. I haven’t blogged in over 3 weeks!


2. I am almost done with the 2nd trimester!

I’ll call it a tie and try to catch up on all the happenings in the past 21 days. Get settled. This shall be a pretty long retelling. But rest assured, lots of illustrations are included as well!

So now let’s see.  How shall we begin?

Once upon a time almost seems appropriate.

Let’s start with Dominic’s growth.

According to , during week 21, our little guy measured about 10 1/2 inches. The length of a carrot.

Dom at 21 weeks

Week 22, looks a little like this:

Week 22...the length of a spaghetti squash

And this week, the little guy is weighing in at a little over a pound much similar to the weight of a large mango.

My little 23 week old mango!

At my last prenatal appointment, my midwife told me that my sweet little boy is fully developed. His brain, heart, organs are all fully functioning. Now he just needs to gain weight. Not too much, mind you, but 8-9lbs seems healthy to me.

Now onto really fun happenings! The acquisition of all things baby!!!

My friend Aimee (rock star mom of twin boys)  loaded me up with the most adorable outfits. You just gotta take a look at these outfits!!

There's a gator tail on the back of the shirt!!
Great for the cooler weather!
Too too cute!

And that is just a tiny glimpse into what she gave me. Thanks Aimee!

Of course, being given that first bag of baby boy things inspired me to start buying.

Aren’t these cute!! I bought these at a super huge Mommy Sale. More about that below. Won’t our little monkey be too cute for words!!

See the tiny monkey in the pant's pocket!!!

As I grow, my wardrobe diminishes, which is why I was so excited about this Mommy Sale I was talking about. Think ginormous warehouse full of gently used maternity clothing, toys, clothing and furniture.

It. Was. Amazing!

And I stocked up on clothes. Lots and lots of adorable tops. A few pairs of pants. A little black dress (preggo style). A sweater. The two outfits (pictured above) for Dominic. A boppy wedge. Lots of baby hangers. All for $103!!! We are talking a totally new wardrobe! Momma is happy now. As women we know how important it is to feel good and look good. Well this wardrobe definitely gave my self esteem a much needed boost.

I also ordered the cutest onesie from a friend who runs an awesome monogramming business called MamaCouture. You can check out her blog here. She is amazing. I emailed her with an idea and she made me this!!!

that he was ; )

And look at this bib for Dominic!! Love it!

We’ve made two major purchases thus far:
An Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. You can learn more about this here. I’ll prolly do a blog posting about this after Dominic comes to share how it’s working out for us. But it’s basically the idea of co-sleeping (also known as the family bed) but without him actually being IN the bed.

This side goes against the side of our bed

And on it’s way is the mother of all changing tables. I’ll post pics after it arrives. I went back and forth about the whole idea of a changing table and finally decided that it was something that I wanted. We shall see if it turns out to be something we really need. Although. This one. This. One. It’s pretty awesome. So stay tuned!

Here is a pic of me from earlier this week. My amazing man had just completed a triathlon sprint!! So proud of this guy! More on this soon!

Right after the Blackland Tri

A few miscellaneous thoughts:

  • My emotions have been crazy. This past weekend I cried at least twice every day. My poor husband.
  • My energy really ebbs and flows. One day I feel like I can take on the world. The next day I feel as if the world took me on and won.
  • I am starting to get the “how cute! You’re pregnant” smiles from strangers. I love it. What I love even more is that somehow I know that is what they are thinking! Behold the telepathic powers of a pregnant woman!
  • Dominic is moving A LOT!!! As a matter of fact, he is jamming out with me right now to the soundtrack for August Rush.
  • A friend of friend is going to be taking professional pics of me and two of my pregnant friends in November. I am really excited about these because I will be showing for sure (let’s hope the cute showing and not the, “Wow she looks like she’ll pop” showing). I want to do all the fun poses. The kinds you blow up really big and print on canvas and post over your mantle. Well that is my plan at least!

Well, that is all for now. I hope to be back to my weekly postings and belly pics next week. Lot’s of fun happenings ahead including the Rhogam shot and the Glucose test. Yay (much sarcasm).

Until next week. Life is beautiful!

Disclaimer: this is a really LONG blog. I apologize for any errors.

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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  1. Such fun stuff, Patty. I am sorry to hear that the emotional roller coaster has been a rough ride. I hope you are finding time to rest when you need to and outlets for those energy bursts. Happy baby making!

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