Baby Journey: Week 40

Today is what is considered my due date. Statistically speaking first babies typically come anywhere from 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after this estimated time of arrival. For my sake I truly hope Dominic is more of an on-time kind of baby.

I honestly have been a bit of a mess today. Why exactly I am not sure. He’s not late. Today is just an estimated time table established at some point in time by doctors so a woman had a kind of benchmark from which to gage the estimated arrival or her child.

My mom tells me this is normal. The whole feeling of being pregnant forever. Ready to get your body back and meet this sweet little one that has taken up residence for roughly 280 days within you.

I am so anxious to meet my sweet little boy. People ask me what I look forward to the most in the introductory moments of Dominic’s life. I want to hold him so close and count his little fingers and toes and look into his eyes. His beautiful eyes that I have wondered about all this time.

I’ve always considered myself a patient person. I have waited on a lot of things. I waited on my husband for many years. While it seemed as if all my friends were married and starting families, I saw my 20th birthday pass, my 25th birthday pass, my 26th, my 27th, my 28th. And worth the wait this sweet man was…but I did some waiting until he entered my life.

It’s been 40 weeks in the waiting for Dominic Truth Parker and yet it seems an even greater eternity than the waiting for my dear Marshall.

Dear Dominic,

I know you are nice and comfy inside of me and if there is still some growing that needs to take place before you arrive, please don’t rush on mommy’s account. Just know that your mom and dad are so ready to meet you…to introduce you to the amazing adventure of life.

Waiting on you sweet baby boy.



40 weeks
Belly Shot

Patty Parker

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5 thoughts on “Baby Journey: Week 40

  1. It IS hard to wait, and like your wise mommy said, perfectly normal. But doesn’t help a lot, I’m sure. He’ll be here soon & he’s gonna be great!! Enjoy and treasure these last pregnant moments. See you soon!

  2. I am very excited for you guys. I remember the waiting was so hard. Arin was eleven days late and only made her appearance after I was induced. The time passes so slowly while you are pregnant and so quickly once they are here. Arin is almost four and a half already, yet it doesn’t seem like that long ago! Good luck with everything and thanks for adding me to the text list 🙂

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