Baby Journey: Week 37

According to, Dominic is now considered- Mature. Full term. Ready to come out of the oven. Although he will more than likely wait until his due date (he is the offspring of planners), it is exciting and thrilling to think that he COULD arrive at any time.

Some of the neat changes that have taken place lately:

Types of movements: although I still get some good kicks here and there, Dominic has settled into the nice, comfy birthing position; so he squirms more than anything. He is definitely running out of room

Massive Growth Spurt: I asked my husband last night if it looked like I had grown this week. His response: “I think you’ve grown in the past hour!”

Now. If I had been in one of those funky emotional states pregnant women(myself included) often find themselves battling, his response may have really upset me, but I honestly had to agree with his observation.

The Waddle: I have really tried to avoid this one. And I have to say that every once in a while I manage to walk “unpregnant” but mostly I waddle.

Nesting Gone Wild: I am noticing EVERYTHING. My husband and I are pretty neat. Pre-pregnancy I would describe our living conditions 99.9% of the time as pristine, definition #2:


1. In its original condition; unspoiled.
2. Clean and fresh as if new; spotless.

That has changed a little since getting pregnant, but still we are on the neat, uncluttered side. Now I am seeing microwaves and ovens that need to be scrubbed, cabinets that need to be washed, clothing that needs to be ironed or folded, ceilings with cobwebs, furniture with dust, floors in need of a good mopping, carpets that could use another vacuuming.

Yes. Nesting has hit. Not full force though. I think I still have a little time left yet. But the nesting syndrome is definitely getting stronger every day.

Bathroom Visits: And I thought I was going pretty regularly already. Dominic is apparently using my bladder as a bouncy seat or SOMETHING because I can’t seem to sit still for long before that signal hits my brain that I ‘gotta go’ AGAIN!

Swelling: My rings laugh at me when I attempt to put them on. My hands these days look pretty puffy. My feet come and go in the swelling department. For a few days this week, I felt as if I was walking on inflated balloons. I could definitely do without this but…oh well. Par for the pregnancy course, right? I do have a sneaky suspicion that my hands will never be the same. Oh well.

My most recent prenatal appointment:

I took the Group B Strep test on Wednesday. I expect a phone call on Monday with the results. I’m really not too worried about it. I was more stressed over the gestational diabetes test. I’ve read statistics about the amount of women who carry Group B (it’s about 40%) so I figure I either have it or I don’t. It won’t change anything really other than a shot or two of antibiotics. Regardless I won’t worry about that until I hear word one way or the other.

Other happenings at my appointment included:

Belly Measurement- which is right on time.

Heart Beat: strong, 140’s

Blood Pressure: which has consistently been 110’s over 60’s

Miscellaneous Updates:

Next week, we are going to a meet the doctor appointment. We will be interviewing a pediatrician that comes highly recommended by friends. We are hoping this is the only interview we have to do but realize that this is a BIG BIG BIG decision. We want to be able to trust our doctor with our sweet little one’s life.

We’ll also be installing our car seat, which for Marshall, is extremely symbolic of Dominic’s imminent arrival.

Tonight we are going on our last special date before Dominic comes. We are headed to Outback Steakhouse. I am super excited : ) Of course we will have special dates after Dom comes, but this is our last ‘just us’ date.

Well here is my growing belly:

Week 36.5
Now if I can make it just 2-3 more weeks without stretch marks
37 weeks
Do I look bigger than say 4 days ago?

Life is beautiful!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

2 thoughts on “Baby Journey: Week 37

  1. You are one amazing pregnant lady! I love the update. Can hardly believe he’ll be here soon! So very excited!! I lol’ed at the bladder as a bouncy seat thing. I remember that part. So glad he’s in “getting ready” position. Go, Dom!

  2. I’m sorry to say that you could be right about your hands never being the same again. After I had the twins and the swelling started to fade away I was able to get my rings back on. Now they won’t come back off! Oh well, it’s definitely worth it all. Enjoy the last few weeks of just you and your hubby!

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