Baby Journey: Week 32; Life, Death and Special Surprises

This week was a very different week.

Marshall and I had a blast taking preggo/family pictures.

My dad passed away.

And Marshall’s co-workers (mostly comprised of people I had never met) threw me a Surprise Baby Shower.

Deep breath.


Something that has been really important to me since Marshall and I got married…it probably started when we were dating actually…was pictures! ¬†When my brother and I were younger, I remember the Olan Mills sittings for our yearly family picture. Somewhere along the way that tapered off and didn’t really return until we were older. I want to say we were in college…out of the house even. Lots of reasons why but the reality is that there is a lot of pictures that represent memories missing in those in-between times.

I don’t want this to happen in our family. I want to have so many pictures that Dominic starts rolling his eyes when I pull out the camera for a photo opp.

So Marshall and I have been pretty big on taking pictures when we’re out and about, on dates, marking my belly growth. But I wanted to get some really nice, what I call family pictures, while pregnant.

So this last weekend we met up with some great friends in Downtown McKinney and took some pictures. REALLY. GOOD. PICTURES.

Here are just a few:

Our little family
My sign. Gonna use it every chance I get!
Deeper in love every day!
Daddy loves Dominic
Looking forward to meeting you my sweet Dominic

There were so many more and they were all amazing. Still trying to decide on THE ONE that will go above the fire place on canvas. I will frame many of the others and start what will be our family wall filled with pictures of our special family.


It’s hard to have all this joy when I recall that my dad is gone. Sometime this past weekend he went to sleep and awoke in an eternity of beauty. No more physical pain. No more mental anguish and turmoil. No more. I hope to share more about this in a separate blog. What I would like to share is that my dad could be one of the most loving, gentle people you could encounter. He knew no stranger and had the best laugh. Really hearty. The kind that embarrassed me growing up. But more about this at a later time after I’ve had time to process this…to grieve his departure.

My dad on my wedding day.

The Unexpected

On Wednesday, Marshall brought me to his work for a Surprise Baby Shower. I ended up knowing about it ahead of time because of my dad’s passing (They wanted to make sure I was up to it). What a very special surprise. They ‘showered’ me with many gifts and cards, yummy cake and punch, and they showed me love. I was absolutely overwhelmed. As I met each person, there must have been 20-30 people in the room, I recalled Marshall mentioning this person or that in his interactions with work. Although I was the center of the party’s attention, it was so obvious and heartwarming to me that they really loved and appreciated my husband. To go to all that work (in the middle of a very hectic season of real work) to spend an hour with us meant more to me than words could express in a thank you card.

Here are some of the special gifts we came home with:

For tummy time!
Monkeys! Of course : )
Our Car Seat!!

I was totally not expecting ANYONE to get our carseat. It was a group gift. We had originally registered for a pretty chocolate one (same brand), but I really like the black and silver. (the picture doesn’t do it justice) so I’m pretty set on keeping it!

If this didn’t make my day special enough, when I got home I found on my doorstep two packages!

One was my diaper bag!!!

I love it!!

The other was a package from my friend Emily! She sent me an adorable outfit. And put this beautiful scrapbook together for me! I am really looking forward to filling it with pictures from Dominic’s first year.

Love love love it!!

And so another week has passed and bringing us closer to the day we will witness the birth of our already dearly loved son!

Life is beautiful!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

5 thoughts on “Baby Journey: Week 32; Life, Death and Special Surprises

  1. Patty, Dominic is so lovingly lucky to have come to be with you and Marshall. God be with you as you continue in your last weeks before having this beautiful baby.

  2. So beautiful, sis. I can’t stop crying. I love our Father God so much! It’s just like Him to surround you with love and special surprises during such a difficult time. I’m so glad that you got such a special surprise. You are loved!

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