Baby Journey: Week 31

Well, it has been a fun week in preggo land. I have now entered the single digit countdown to his birth and I am feeling it!

My pace has slowed tremendously. I mean. I. Am. Slow.

It’s pretty hard to breathe these days, too. It makes sense. Dominic is about 16 inches long and weighs approximately 3.3lbs (Thank you

So that inside my belly along with all my organs fighting for the same space. Yep. Cue difficult breathing stage.

I am nesting here and there. Yesterday, I cleaned both bathrooms in record time. We are talking even the base of the bowl got a good scrubbing. That may be the last time I get down there for a while though. I will have to rely on my husband from this point on to  take care of details such as these. (*cough hint cough*)

Because we live totally off of Marshall’s income, my part time job has been our baby fund. And this week we partook of baby fund monies.

To buy a deep freeze:

Getting ready for baby!!
Our first multimeal! Mar's Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

To buy a flip camera:

Now we can make great videos!

And to buy some extra parts for this really cool hand me down swing:

Isn't it beautiful!!
Lions and Giraffes and Zebras!!
Cute little guys!

Now I have to tell you about this swing. It came to me from my friend Aimee, amazing mother of twin boys. I was thrilled to get it and in such great shape. I just threw the fabric seat in the washer and wiped down all the plastic and it looked amazing. Not to mention is was our theme: Jungle Animals!

Except. Well, the cute little toys were missing on the front. Sooooooo… I went to Graco’s website and found their parts section. I was able to buy the cute little zebra and giraffe, pick up a manual for free and spend $15 including shipping and handling to make the swing look absolutely perfectly brand new. A swing that goes for $150 for 10%  of the original price. Now that’s my kind of find!!

It has really felt like Christmas this week with all the baby related purchases. The highlight, however, has to be today’s adventure in McKinney for family pictures! Marshall and I met up with David and Stacy Rickey and their good friend Rhonda. Rhonda took pictures for both of us and did an amazing job. I am really looking forward to seeing the final pictures (which I will post next week). You’re going to love them!!

Rhonda. Is. Amazing.

We’ve already started pricing places to get the best one put on a canvas for our mantle. Then we’ll get the really good ones printed and framed to put on what will become our family wall. I also want to make one of those cool coffee table books with all the pictures in it.

In other news, Dominic is measuring or my belly is measuring a week ahead at 32 weeks and I learned this week that I could safely deliver him at the birthing center as early as December 16th. Um. What!!! I’m still working then(don’t tell my boss). So although he’s not likely to come at 37 weeks, that made the reality of his arrival even more…. Exciting. Overwhelming. Real.

He has assumed the wondrous, how do they know to do this, head down position where he is likely to stay until he is born. And of course, that means his legs and my ribs are now getting a great workout. It doesn’t hurt but it sure does startle me when he gets going. He definitely has strong legs. My husband, the cyclist, says they’re for riding. I, the wanna be runner, say they are for marathons. Perhaps we have a triathlete in the making. : )

Here is my week 31 belly shot. My little man is growing!

In one of my fav maternity outfits
a closer look at the belly

Next weekend will be very exciting as I will have 2 baby showers to attend for me! I am so thankful for sweet loving people in my life. I can’t wait to share all about them in my next blog. In the meantime, I am enjoying my bursts of energy, taking lots of naps and dreaming of the day we hold our sweet Dominic in our arms for the very first time.

Everyday I grow to understand more and more why God made the journey of bringing a child into the world such a lengthy and personal one. The love I had for this precious child the day I learned I was pregnant can not even begin to compare to the very deep and rich love I have for him today. And to think this love will seem so shallow on the day I see his beautiful face and count his beautiful little toes for the very first time.

Is life beautiful? Oh absolutely!



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  1. What great buys you found! And how perfect that the swing is jungle animals. You look absolutely amazingly beautiful. I am in tears looking at your pictures; tears of joy (and of longing to be with you!)! I love you 3 so much!!

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