Baby Journey: Week 30

30 weeks! Wow! Really? Yep. 30 weeks. The 10 week countdown begins.

Here are some pics of the growing belly.

Week 30
The belly is getting big!
I heart Dominic!

I am pretting much maintaining my weight at the moment so the growth is all Dominic Truth Parker, who is about 16 inches long and weighs approximately 3lbs. He is moving around but I can tell it is getting a little crowded because his movements seem to be a little more determined and unless you’ve been pregnant yourself it’s hard to describe how it feels when he maneuvers himself around. It’s the neatest feeling.

I am beginning to waddle. Not consistently. Trying to avoid that as long as possible but it’s getting harder. I had a really busy Thursday and when I crawled into bed, my body was sore all over! Some heartburn but I can’t complain and occasional back pain but once again I really can’t complain. No crazy dreams lately. I am sleeping really well and I am so thankful for the rest.

I passed my glucose test! So thankful to report that and my iron levels are really good. So most of the testing is out of the way. Just need Dominic to get a little chunkier.

We will be taking family pictures on next Saturday. I am super excited about it. I want to get the best one put on  a canvas that we’ll display on our mantle and then get several other ones enlarged and framed to put on a wall in our living room as well.

I head to my midwife again on Wednesday for a routine check. And in a few weeks, we’ll experience Birthing Bootcamp.

So a lot of fun things to share about in the coming weeks.

BUT. That is all for now! Life is terrific!

Patty Parker

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  1. Still as beautiful as ever! I can’t believe you’re so close!! Its gonna fly by! *insert very happy crazy girly jumping up and down scream here*

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