Baby Journey: Week 29

If Dominic comes right on time, I am less than 11 weeks away from holding my sweet baby boy for the very first time. This reality totally messes with my emotions.

I am excited, of course.

I am also:

  • scared
  • thrilled
  • wishing I had more time
  • wishing there were less time
  • worried about finding the right car seat
  • wanting more ‘us’ time with Marshall
  • looking forward to becoming a family of three
  • overwhelmed by all that still needs to be done before he comes
  • anticipating what he will look like
  • anxious about his size (Parker babies trend BIG)
  • dreaming about his laugh

I could go on. The emotions are incredible.

Well,  I am at 29 weeks and getting settled into the third trimester. I am measuring right on time which is great and my weight gain has slowed which is good too. At my last appointment, my midwife helped me understand where he was. What I mean is, when I feel here, that round shape is probably his bottom and that curve there is most likely his back, ect. Anyway, when I have a good idea of what his possible position is, I can’t help but imagine him in the same position but on top on my tummy instead of inside. I get emotional when I think about it that way. My sweet baby boy sleeping on my stomach. *sigh*

Here I am in all my pregnancy glow. Several people told me how great I looked today. That feels good. So good that I had to take a picture before I got in my pj’s which are what I have on now.

29 weeks and growing!
My growing belly!

I am now going to see my midwife every two weeks which is exciting yet adds to the reality that Dominic is on the way soon. We are working on getting things ready for his arrival. He has a place to sleep, a place to be changed and, thanks to hand me downs and a few impulse purchases, he has clothes. Oh we also have 3 different types of strollers and a swing; all from friends! I love the generosity of others.

Speaking of generosity, since it’s taken care of, I can share one fear I’ve had. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have a baby shower. Not because people don’t love me or anything but more because we’ve only been in Texas for a little over a year and 2 other amazing gals in my lifegroup of 5 couples are pregnant as well and due around the same time. Of course I shouldn’t have been worried because I now have THREE showers in the making. One being thrown by my sweet thoughtful friend Lisa and then my coworkers are giving  me one as well. Both of these showers will be in the same weekend! And then on top of that, my amazing mom-in-law(love) and sister-in-law (love aka bff) are going to throw a virtual shower for all my friends and family that are far away. How blessed I feel!

Well, that is about it for now. Life is beautiful!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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