Baby Journey Week 26: Dominic Meet Your Cousin Joel

This past weekend my husband and I met my brother and his wife for a 24 hour adventure. Jimmy and Tara live in Arkansas while Marshall and I live in Texas.

We met up about halfway in Mt Ida, Arkansas. We were able snag one of those vacation homes and although it was slightly more than the price of a hotel, we were okay with that because we could spend lots of quality time together. But then we saw our country home for the weekend.

Yep. Hippy. Land.

Hippy Land

Despite the ambience, we had a great weekend. What made it even more special is that both Tara and I are pregnant with our first baby. It get’s better. We are both due in January. And we are both expecting boys. Pretty sweet, huh?

So this was our last hoorah before traveling becomes unthinkable and before our boys make their debuts.

While hanging out, we were able to take some pics at a barn that Jimmy and Tara found on a wrong turn to hippy land.

Me and Tara.
Tara and I and the amazing barn find!
I think pregnancy looks good on us : )

This one of my favorite pictures. Although we are about 8 hours apart, we are looking forward to our boys growing up together.

Joel meet Dominic

Our husbands got in on the action sporting their bumps, too.

Preggo Dads

We are really excited about the amazing journey ahead of the four of us as we experience parenthood for the first time. Of course we know that we have no clue what we’ve gotten ourselves into but we also are convinced that the adventure ahead will be worth it!

Parents to Be

Life is beautiful!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

4 thoughts on “Baby Journey Week 26: Dominic Meet Your Cousin Joel

  1. Love, love, love!! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! What a neat time in your lives. So happy for you all!!

  2. I love your weekly blog and especially this one with the four or should I say the six of you together. Wish I could see it more often. I am counting the days til I see you all in January. Love, Granny hudson

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