Baby Journey: Week 24…a rambling on of sorts

My Thoughts:

  • I am now 24 weeks pregnant. My logic (which is often flawed by the way) would say that I am in my last week of my second trimester. “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” says 28 weeks. A random search online says anywhere from 26 weeks to 29 weeks. Since I’ve relied mostly on the information I’ve found on, I will go with their answer of 28 weeks.
  • This kind of bums me out because I thought I was about to be in my third trimester. I suppose it ought not be a downer because with the excitement of entering the third trimester came this daunting realization that I’d be giving birth soon. More harrowing than that? The responsibility of actually caring for our sweet little guy.
  • The cashier today at Target, upon reading my shirt “I Love My Bump”, congratulated me on my pregnancy. Her follow up question was, “So are you going to find out”? I immediately responded, “It’s a boy”. She smiled and said that she thought it was good to know. I excitedly announced that his arrival date was January. The next thing that happened still boggles my mind. Her eyes widened and she leaned over the counter and examined my belly. She became quiet and I felt awkward. She was, after all, staring at my belly. The next thing out of her mouth was the total for my purchase. I swiped my debit card and wished her a good day. She did the same and I walked away truly puzzled. So…do I look so big that I can’t possibly hold out until January or am I so small that I couldn’t possibly be so far along? This is a quandery for me. One for which I doubt an answer will come.
  • Dominic is moving a lot and I am pretty sure I saw him move across my tummy the other day like a wave. It was pretty amazing. Most of the time , however he prefers kickboxing. I never thought it would be neat to see my skin jiggle, but when he kicks me it is awesome!
  • A friend told me the neatest thing today. This summer I watched his little boy along with 5 other children. Each night Deuce (as he is affectionately called) prays for all his little friends by name, for Miss Patty and for “DomNic”! Isn’t that sweet!!
  • A friend made me curtains for the nursery!! They are beautiful!!!! She is also making cushion covers for our glider. Pictures to come soon.
  • Dominic loves music. He usually wakes up for any type of music. He loves worship the best though.
  • The other night we held Mar’s phone up to my belly and played ring tones for him. I think he liked the ‘duck’ one especially.
  • Our sweet little boy also knows his daddy’s voice. He moves around a lot when he hears Marshall talking. Now that is a wonderful feeling!
  • I never knew what heartburn felt like until I became pregnant. I would like to forget again how it feels.
  • The thought of being a mom both excites me and terrifies me.

Well, that is enough rambling for one blog. Thanks for allowing me to empty my brain just a bit. Here is a pic of me sporting a definite bump.

24 weeks

Life is beautiful!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

4 thoughts on “Baby Journey: Week 24…a rambling on of sorts

  1. I’m in tears! I am loving reading your blog and remembering those feelings and thoughts from when I was pregnant with Samuel. Wow. You’re such an amazing mommy already. And I love how Dom already knows Mar’s voice!! And that he dances along to music!

    For what it’s worth, since the lady at the check out asked “if you were going to find out”, maybe she looked at you funny cuz you look smaller than she thinks you should… She maybe thought you were only 17-18 weeks and hadn’t found out the gender yet! 🙂

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