Baby Journey: Week 20.5

It’s the half way point.

It’s insane to think that a little less than 5 months ago, our little baby journey began with a stick that said: “Pregnant’. No. A “two lines means you’re pregnant” stick wasn’t enough. I needed it spelled out P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T.

And now our little gift from God confirms this pregnancy by periodically busting out in a kickboxing match with my tummy.

According to last weeks ultrasound, Dominic is weighing in at 11 ounces. Basically the size of a can of soda.

Dominic: Week 20

I am growing too. Hopefully not too much though. I have two friends right now who are both pregnant and due in the new year. One has gained like maybe a pound and the other is still losing. I guess I’ve been gaining for all three of us.

Well, no ┬ábelly pic for the week; I caught some sort of bug over the weekend and I just don’t feel like it. Don’t hate me. Feeling much better but I think I shall wait til the end of this week for a new pic.

I have my next prenatal appointment in a little over a week. Can’t wait to hear Dominic’s heartbeat!

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