Baby Journey Week 15

Some very interesting things have been happening to me lately. I’ve been told it’s normal but I don’t know about that. Preggo Brain?

Here are my symptoms:

Tears Really? Tears? We are talking when I hear a sad story, when dinner doesn’t turn out well, when my sweetheart husband cleans the kitchen, when my jeans won’t zip up, when the guy’s wife on Up dies(BTW:I cried buckets while watching Toy Story 3 at the theater). You name it and the waterfall comes. Pathetic.

Beyond forgetfulness. The other day I went to the store with my grocery list that I had masterfully put together and I picked up all the items on the list. I dutifully paid for them, smiled at the nice cashier and proceeded to walk towards the exit with my empty grocery cart. (I can’t help but laugh at myself as I write this). Fortunately the cashier was super nice and reminded me that I had handed over my husband’s hard earned money for a reason.

Yesterday, I made a purchase and learning from my recent grocery  incident, I clung tightly to my bag. Held so tight I almost left my wallet on the counter. Not good.

Butterfingers. I am dropping everything. Fortunately I haven’t dropped a plate or a kid yet. Although I did drop a toy on a poor unsuspecting toddler. He quickly forgave me though when I gave him said toy to play with. Sad.

OCD Eating Tendencies. I love salad but these days my salad eating is taking on a new pattern. When I was little I would eat one item at a time. All my green beans. Then all my corn. Then my chicken nuggets. You get the idea. Well, it appears that I have returned to my childhood pattern; only when it comes to salad, I must eat one ingredient at a time. We are talking a cucumber. A tomato. A bell pepper. Haven’t tried the lettuce solo but I am almost ashamed to admit that the idea sounds tasty. Weird.

Well enough about me. Baby Parker is now 15 weeks along and the size of an apple weighing in at approximately 2.5 ounces.

Of course our baby is an Apple(R) apple ; )

Some really neat things about our baby right now is:

Baby can sense light. According to BabyCenter if I were to shine a flashlight on my belly, baby would respond by moving away from it. Pretty cool.

Baby can hear me. That is so surreal to me. I might start crying (See what I mean!). My mom sent me a few books that I think I will read to my sweet little one later today. If I can get through it without crying that is!

Baby will make his/her presence known to me soon. I am looking forward to that moment when I am certain that I have felt Baby Parker move! Everyone keeps telling me it is the most wonderful feeling. I welcome it!

I am truly in awe of this life growing inside of me.

Speaking of growing. Here’s a picture of my growing belly.

Week 15

And perhaps I maybe just maybe have a pouch? Thoughts?

Those are maternity pants : )

Life is beautiful!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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